Jamison Jamison Ross

06/25/15    Albums    By Michael J. West

Jamison Ross
Concord Jazz

The debut album by the winner of the 2012 Thelonious Monk International Jazz Drums Competition isn’t what jazz fans will expect. Jamison Ross, it turns out, is a singer as well, and on Jamison he’s a singer first. But once the confusion subsides, there remains...

Just Say Yes Chicago Yestet

06/24/15    Albums    By David Whiteis

Chicago Yestet
Just Say Yes

A hard-swinging 11-piece big band, fronted by vocalists delivering lyrics that tackle themes like love, loss and the joys of clubbing along with a few optimistic pleas for tolerance, peace and technological sanity—it could have been an exercise in reactionary...

Horizons Lisa Hilton

06/24/15    Albums    By Britt Robson

Lisa Hilton
Ruby Slippers

Cynics can once again have a field day with Lisa Hilton, a composer-pianist who does not regard “easy listening” as dirty words. Hilton writes originals that unabashedly favor catchy melodic riffs and lyrical flow. This latest collection on her Ruby Slippers...

Feelin' Good Mary Stallings

06/23/15    Albums    By Christopher Loudon

Mary Stallings
Feelin' Good
HighNote Records

Navigating one of the greatest second acts in vocal-jazz history, San Francisco’s Mary Stallings burned bright in the ’60s, then disappeared for over a decade before triumphantly resurfacing in the ’80s. Five years ago she arrived at HighNote, where she’s...

Time and the River David Sanborn

06/22/15    Albums    By Lucy Tauss

David Sanborn
Time and the River

David Sanborn’s sax voice is unmistakable. Rooted in jazz and informed by R&B, pop and rock, it is instantly recognizable, a sound that has inspired legions of emulators and earned the veteran saxophonist a slew of accolades. On Time and the River , Sanborn...

Concert: Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga at Radio City Music Hall

06/21/15    Concerts    By Jeff Tamarkin

Concert: Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga at Radio City Music Hall

A most unlikely and perfectly natural fit

Primal Scream David Chesky Jazz in the New Harmonic

06/21/15    Albums    By David Whiteis

David Chesky Jazz in the New Harmonic
Primal Scream

Pianist David Chesky is hardly unique in his embrace of both classical music and jazz, nor is his stated mission—to use “harmonic language … from the Messiaen, Webern, and Ives school” to challenge his bandsmen with “chords that they don’t usually hear in...

Creation Keith Jarrett

06/20/15    Albums    By Colin Fleming

Keith Jarrett
ECM Records

A live Keith Jarrett recording almost assuredly means instant transport to a given evening in a given city, where an orderly but still surprising program emerges from a player following the logic of his own inspiration. Gigs by Jarrett, now 70, tend to unpack...

Rhodes Ahead, Vol. 2 Marc Cary

06/20/15    Albums    By Brad Farberman

Marc Cary
Rhodes Ahead, Vol. 2

Marc Cary’s Rhodes Ahead Vol. 2 will do things to you. This is not a record that lives in a separate world from the listener. The leader’s Fender Rhodes electric piano will soothe you. Tarus Mateen’s deep electric bass will seduce you. And Terreon “Tank”...

Love Looks Good on You Russell Malone

06/19/15    Albums    By Allen Morrison

Russell Malone
Love Looks Good on You
HighNote Records

In his 11th album as a leader and his first for HighNote, Russell Malone demonstrates the clear, thoughtful tone, tasty phrase-making and rhythmic mastery that have made him one of today’s finest exponents of the mainstream jazz guitar tradition of Wes Montgomery...