Intercambio Wayne Wallace Latin Jazz Quintet

08/24/15    Albums    By Britt Robson

Wayne Wallace Latin Jazz Quintet

Wayne Wallace is a fine trombonist but a better bandleader, and an exceptional conceptualist. His ingenious knack for re-contextualizing bop standards using Latin idioms, or simply splicing cultures guided by his instincts and imagination, turns the song...

Soloist Andy Brown

08/23/15    Albums    By Mike Joyce

Andy Brown
Delmark Records

When programming the selection of tunes on his latest CD, Soloist , Chicago-based guitarist Andy Brown couldn’t have chosen a more enticing opener than his fingerstyle take on “Dancing in the Dark.” Or a more telling one, for it certainly suggests pleasures...

Open Road Walt Weiskopf

08/22/15    Albums    By Britt Robson

Walt Weiskopf
Open Road

If you love a top-notch tenor saxophonist playing at full throttle, Open Road will make you giddy. A stalwart veteran in his mid-50s, Walt Weiskopf does not have the notoriety his combustible talent deserves. He started as an adjunct, toiling in large ensembles...

Old Friends and New Friends David Berkman

08/21/15    Albums    By Thomas Conrad

David Berkman
Old Friends and New Friends
Palmetto Records

David Berkman should be more famous. In a jazz world where everyone wants to be a composer, Berkman was born one. He is a natural. The nine tunes here are new, but like all good songs, they sound like they have always been there. “Tribute,” for Tom Harrell...

Over and Out Dmitry Baevsky

08/21/15    Albums    By Thomas Conrad

Dmitry Baevsky
Over and Out
Jazz Family

There are now more important jazz musicians who hail from outside the continental U.S. than ever before. Take alto saxophone players. Two of the best, Francesco Cafiso and Miguel Zenón, are from Italy and Puerto Rico. Tineke Postma and Mattia Cigalini, from...

Bessie: Music From the HBO Film Various Artists

08/20/15    Albums    By Christopher Loudon

Various Artists
Bessie: Music From the HBO Film
HBO Films/Legacy

In May, when HBO premiered Bessie , starring a sharply cast Queen Latifah as blues legend and vocal-jazz pioneer Bessie Smith, the company ensured it was as truthful as it was entertaining. The same high standards extend to the soundtrack. Latifah dominates...

2nd Avenue: The Return of the Cello-Quartet Joshua Breakstone

08/19/15    Albums    By Britt Robson

Joshua Breakstone
2nd Avenue: The Return of the Cello-Quartet
Capri Records

For decades, guitarist Joshua Breakstone has been a reliable purveyor of light, elegant bebop. On his last two albums for the Capri label, including this new offering, 2nd Avenue , he has successfully experimented with a cello quartet that expands his métier...

Rockport Jazz Festival 2015

08/19/15    Concerts    By Bill Beuttler

Rockport Jazz Festival 2015

Spectacular sounds -- and sights -- in Mass.

Review: Springfield Jazz and Roots Festival

08/18/15    Concerts    By Paul Bloomfield

Review: Springfield Jazz and Roots Festival

Bringing a community together with crowd-pleasing music

The Melody Kenny Werner

08/18/15    Albums    By Britt Robson

Kenny Werner
The Melody

The Pirouet label out of Germany has established itself as a haven for pianists of staunch scholarship possessing an exquisite touch. Few fit that description better than Kenny Werner, who literally wrote the book on creativity— Effortless Mastery is his...