My Old Friend: Celebrating George Duke Al Jarreau

09/07/14    Albums    By Christopher Loudon

Al Jarreau
My Old Friend: Celebrating George Duke
Concord Records

It would take this entire review, perhaps this entire page, to list all the musicians that the late pianist, composer and producer George Duke collaborated with and influenced across his five-decade career. Yet surely none is better suited to assemble a...

Songs of Shadow, Songs of Light: The Music of Joni Mitchell Laurie Antonioli

09/06/14    Albums    By Christopher Loudon

Laurie Antonioli
Songs of Shadow, Songs of Light: The Music of Joni Mitchell
Origin Records

As is common knowledge among even casual Joni Mitchell fans, around the mid-1970s her passion for jazz became increasingly integral to her work; that passion escalated through the ’80s and included collaborations with Mingus, Jaco, Wayne Shorter and Herbie...

Review: The 2014 Chicago Jazz Festival

09/05/14    Concerts    By Giovanni Russonello

Review: The 2014 Chicago Jazz Festival

Letting things evaporate

Latin Jazz Underground Mark Weinstein

09/05/14    Albums    By Michael J. West

Mark Weinstein
Latin Jazz Underground

In the liner notes to Latin Jazz Underground , flutist Mark Weinstein explains that he aims to “show that you could really stretch the boundaries while holding onto the Afro-Cuban core.” He nails it. The album, a collaboration with pianist Aruán Ortiz, explores...

Review: The Detroit Jazz Festival 2014

09/04/14    Concerts    By Shaun Brady

Review: The Detroit Jazz Festival 2014

Free music for the stubbornly resilient--even in the rain!

Relentless Michael Dease

09/04/14    Albums    By Jeff Tamarkin

Michael Dease

Like doo-wop, trad-jazz or rockabilly, big-band jazz is so closely associated with a bygone era that any musician testing its waters must find a way to transcend retro or just give in and drag out the charts from the swing era. Trombonist Michael Dease...

Stairway to the Stars Denny Zeitlin

09/03/14    Albums    By Jeff Tamarkin

Denny Zeitlin
Stairway to the Stars

Since the turn of the century, pianist Denny Zeitlin’s recordings have fallen into two categories: solo projects and releases with this trio featuring bassist Buster Williams and drummer Matt Wilson. Stairway to the Stars —recorded at the Jazz Bakery in...

Slam Dunk Gerald Albright

09/02/14    Albums    By Lucy Tauss

Gerald Albright
Slam Dunk
Heads Up

On his latest disc, Gerald Albright offers a high-energy contemporary jazz set that puts the veteran saxophonist’s dizzying array of talents amply on display. Not only does the album showcase Albright’s formidable skills on alto, soprano, tenor and baritone...

Juice Medeski Scofield Martin & Wood

09/01/14    Albums    By Shaun Brady

Medeski Scofield Martin & Wood

For more than 20 years, Medeski Martin and Wood have thrived on remaining indefinable. Are they a jam band with jazz chops? A jazz trio following a groove-rock muse? An avant-garde soul-jazz band? That very malleability has meant that their sound is compatible...

Floating Fred Hersch Trio

08/30/14    Albums    By Matt R. Lohr

Fred Hersch Trio
Palmetto Records

The first studio recording in four years from the Fred Hersch Trio, Floating is sequenced like the band’s live gigs. The album commences with an American standard (Dietz and Schwartz’s “You and the Night and the Music”) reimagined with the trio’s idiosyncratic...