Destination: Void Peter Evans Quintet

01/24/15    Albums    By Mike Shanley

Peter Evans Quintet
Destination: Void
More is More

It might be hard to believe that Destination: Void comes from the same trumpet player who, a few months ago, performed a precise imitation of Miles Davis on Blue , Mostly Other People Do the Killing’s note-for-note recreation of Kind of Blue . What was warm...

Concert Review: Christian Tamburr in Southwest Florida

01/23/15    Concerts    By Ken Franckling

Concert Review: Christian Tamburr in Southwest Florida

Celebrating a small but distinctive fraternity

Shadows Mark Murphy

01/23/15    Albums    By Christopher Loudon

Mark Murphy

Throughout Mark Murphy’s remarkably multifaceted recording career, spanning seven decades, there have been only a couple of gaps, the longest stretching from 1991 to 1996. Now, from the tail end of that fallow period come these eight tracks, recorded in...

T-Duality Ananda Gari

01/21/15    Albums    By Thomas Conrad

Ananda Gari

Since the 1980s, alto saxophonist Tim Berne has been a primary operator in that fertile jazz zone where “in” crosses over into “out.” His discography as a leader is wide and deep, including two acclaimed recent releases on the ECM label. T-Duality is interesting...

Things of That Particular Nature Duane Eubanks Quintet

01/20/15    Albums    By David Whiteis

Duane Eubanks Quintet
Things of That Particular Nature

This is a relaxed set that nonetheless bristles with optimism and exploratory drive, toughened by challenging melody lines and taut horn blends that sometimes recall the Jazz Messengers—showing the influence, perhaps, of the late pianist and former Messenger...

Change Partners: Live at the Yardbird Suite Champian Fulton

01/19/15    Albums    By Christopher Loudon

Champian Fulton
Change Partners: Live at the Yardbird Suite
Cellar Live

Savoring this tight, satisfying hour-long live session, it seems remarkable how briefly vocalist and pianist Champian Fulton had been acquainted with her accompanying trio. As Canadian saxophonist Cory Weeds explains in the liner notes, in 2013 he invited...

I Give Up, I'm In Love Marlene Verplanck

01/18/15    Albums    By Christopher Loudon

Marlene Verplanck
I Give Up, I'm In Love

At age 81 Marlene VerPlanck remains as plucky as ever. Her voice is increasingly tremulous, her range foreshortened, but 23 albums into a career that started with the big bands of Charlie Spivak and Tommy Dorsey her verve and insight are undiminished. On...

Urban Folklore Thomas Marriott

01/17/15    Albums    By Thomas Conrad

Thomas Marriott
Urban Folklore
Origin Records

Thomas Marriott would be better known if he had stayed in New York, where he was a respected trumpet player on the scene in the early years of the new millennium. Instead, for quality-of-life reasons, he returned to his hometown of Seattle, where he has...

OverTime: Music of Bob Brookmeyer Vanguard Jazz Orchestra

01/16/15    Albums    By Owen Cordle

Vanguard Jazz Orchestra
OverTime: Music of Bob Brookmeyer
Planet Arts Recordings

Bob Brookmeyer was a charter member of the Jazz Band, otherwise known as the Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra and eventually the Vanguard Jazz Orchestra. From the beginning he not only played valve trombone but also wrote for the group. Brookmeyer moved to...

The Process Jon Batiste/Chad Smith/Bill Laswell

01/15/15    Albums    By Colin Fleming

Jon Batiste/Chad Smith/Bill Laswell
The Process

Certain albums just radiate a lot more groove than others, and with its hoodoo rhythms, souped-up dub textures and “When the Levee Breaks”-style drum surges, The Process is, at times, that rare brand of jazz that can double as club music. Red Hot Chili Peppers...