Inspiration Jason Jackson

01/06/15    Albums    By Britt Robson

Jason Jackson
Jack & Hill

Inspiration can’t really be classified as a vanity project, since its impresario, Jason Jackson, is neither a household name nor particularly interested in becoming one. But Jackson composed five of its 10 songs, arranged six of them, performed trombone...

Somos Agua Tony Malaby Tamarindo

01/05/15    Albums    By Britt Robson

Tony Malaby Tamarindo
Somos Agua
Clean Feed

Tamarindo is a power trio that takes its time, conserving space and making sagacious use of its outsized collective talent. Tony Malaby sustains oblong notes and deploys silence as well as any saxophonist this side of Roscoe Mitchell, and is fond of building...

Peace Dayna Stephens

01/04/15    Albums    By Jeff Tamarkin

Dayna Stephens

Since his debut as a leader, 2007’s The Timeless Now , saxophonist Dayna Stephens has surrounded himself with exceptional players, and his good taste continues on Peace , his fifth album. Joining Stephens here are pianist Brad Mehldau, guitarist Julian Lage...

Pages From an Imaginary Life Andy Bey

01/03/15    Albums    By Christopher Loudon

Andy Bey
Pages From an Imaginary Life
HighNote Records

Producer Joe Fields has always been a fine developer of jazz talent. But his greatest gift may be in crafting career renaissances for established yet stalled artists. He did it with Mark Murphy in the 1970s and ’80s, shaping a string of masterpieces for...

Pride Michael Musillami

01/02/15    Albums    By Matt R. Lohr

Michael Musillami
Playscape Recordings

Is too much of a good thing still a good thing? That is the question posed by Pride , a two-hour-plus, double-disc release from the Michael Musillami Trio that presents the equivalent of two complete LPs plus a bonus EP. Disc one finds the Connecticut-based...

Blues and Reds Hush Point

01/01/15    Albums    By Matt R. Lohr

Hush Point
Blues and Reds

Hailing as it does from within the notably exploratory Brooklyn scene, an album as appealingly old-school as Hush Point’s Blues and Reds is an unexpected surprise. Substitute a baritone saxophone for Jeremy Udden’s alto, and this sophomore effort from the...

Dark Nights Avishai Cohen's Triveni

12/31/14    Albums    By Britt Robson

Avishai Cohen's Triveni
Dark Nights

For the third Triveni album, trumpeter Avishai Cohen departs from the norm by adding electronic overdubs and/or guest artists on four of the 10 songs. He also promotes concentrated spontaneity by presenting the material to his triomates Omer Avital (bass...

Spark Marianne Solivan

12/30/14    Albums    By Christopher Loudon

Marianne Solivan
Hipnotic Records

Though a vital part of the Manhattan jazz scene for more than a decade, Berklee grad Marianne Solivan remains too much a local delicacy. Hopefully Spark , her sophomore release as a leader, is prophetically titled, and will at last ignite wider recognition...

Good Piranha/Bad Piranha Wayne Krantz

12/29/14    Albums    By Steve Greenlee

Wayne Krantz
Good Piranha/Bad Piranha
Abstract Logix

This is a bizarre one. Guitarist Wayne Krantz’s new disc, Good Piranha/Bad Piranha , comprises two versions each of four tunes. All are covers, of electronic and rap songs. Krantz has two different trios here, with three of his regular collaborators. That’s...

Out Loud Frank Lowe Quartet

12/29/14    Albums    By Michael J. West

Frank Lowe Quartet
Out Loud
Triple Point

Considering its expansive influence, the Loft-jazz movement receives scant attention among archival releases. That in itself makes the appearance of the double-LP Out Loud a welcome (albeit pricey and limited) one. That it’s by Frank Lowe is all the better...