Free Souls Nicola Conte

11/14/14    Albums    By Christopher Loudon

Nicola Conte
Free Souls

Italian producer and guitarist Nicola Conte first gained recognition for his cunning re-imaginings of acid jazz via influences from bossa nova, classic Italian film scores and Indian music. More recently, he’s focused solely on Latin jazz. With Free Souls...

Time and Time Again The Cookers

11/13/14    Albums    By Jeff Tamarkin

The Cookers
Time and Time Again

For their fourth release, the Cookers have swapped out saxophonist Craig Handy for Donald Harrison, raising the median age of the septet to just under 70. All of that longevity doesn’t mean complacency, however: The 69-year-old pianist George Cables, septuagenarians...

Love and Ghosts Farmers By Nature

11/12/14    Albums    By Britt Robson

Farmers By Nature
Love and Ghosts
AUM Fidelity

The abundance of talent, trust, self-confidence, patience and intuition required to collectively improvise at such a high level for more than an hour at a time is possessed by the three members of Farmers by Nature and precious few others. The trio’s third...

I Love You, Yes I Do Barbara Morrison

11/12/14    Albums    By Christopher Loudon

Barbara Morrison
I Love You, Yes I Do

In terms of artistic rapport, Barbara Morrison and Houston Person are about as close to Billie and Prez as you’ll likely get today. They first united on disc in 2005, capturing a live date at the Dakota in Minneapolis. Eight years later, now label-mates...

The Rosemary Clooney CBS Radio Recordings 1955-61 Rosemary Clooney

11/11/14    Albums    By Christopher Loudon

Rosemary Clooney
The Rosemary Clooney CBS Radio Recordings 1955-61
Mosaic Records

Venture over to the Mosaic Records website and you’ll discover that this five-disc set, filled with 104 tracks recorded by Rosemary Clooney for various CBS radio programs over a seven-year span, is likely the first release in the archival label’s venerable...

Songs to the North Sky Tim Garland

11/10/14    Albums    By Philip Booth

Tim Garland
Songs to the North Sky

Revisiting the approach he took on 2009’s Libra , saxophonist Tim Garland divides Songs to the North Sky into two discs. The first CD features Lighthouse, his expandable small group with drummer/percussionist Asaf Sirkis, while the second reunites the Brit...

Midnight Melodies Cyrus Chestnut

11/09/14    Albums    By Jeff Tamarkin

Cyrus Chestnut
Midnight Melodies
Smoke Sessions

Hot on the heels of a half-dozen albums released earlier in the year, Smoke Sessions follows that run up with new titles from three of the most popular and creative pianists in jazz. Like those earlier releases, these too were cut live at New York’s Smoke...

Paris Sessions Tierney Sutton

11/08/14    Albums    By Christopher Loudon

Tierney Sutton
Paris Sessions

From the beginning of her recording career in 1998 through 2011, every studio session led by Tierney Sutton featured the same bandmates: pianist Christian Jacobs, drummer-percussionist Ray Brinker and dual bassists Kevin Axt and Trey Henry. They were, and...

The Thought of You Otis Brown III

11/08/14    Albums    By Michael J. West

Otis Brown III
The Thought of You
Blue Note Records

Drummer Otis Brown III, best known as a member of Joe Lovano’s Us Five, percolates with nervous energy on The Thought of You , his debut as a leader. Even on midtempo tunes like “Stages of Thought,” no easing or rests are apparent in his lines, and burners...

Ramshackle Serenade Larry Goldings/Peter Bernstein/Bill Stewart

11/07/14    Albums    By Ron Wynn

Larry Goldings/Peter Bernstein/Bill Stewart
Ramshackle Serenade

Organist Larry Goldings, guitarist Peter Bernstein and drummer Bill Stewart have worked as a first-rate trio for over two decades. Their band is that rare unit in which each player, while being an excellent soloist, is equally influential in shaping a performance’s...