More From Montreal

07/14/16    Concerts    By Sharonne Cohen

More From Montreal

Eleven-day festival featured more than 800 concerts

Live: SFJAZZ Collective 2015 The Music of Michael Jackson and Original Compositions SFJAZZ Collective

07/14/16    Albums    By Bill Beuttler

SFJAZZ Collective
Live: SFJAZZ Collective 2015 The Music of Michael Jackson and Original Compositions

The SFJAZZ Collective’s m.o. is to each year focus on the music of a featured composer. Ornette Coleman, Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, Horace Silver, Joe Henderson and Stevie Wonder are among those tackled in years past. The Collective’s new album, recorded...

Frogtown Anthony Wilson

07/13/16    Albums    By Matt R. Lohr

Anthony Wilson
Goat Hill

Anthony Wilson’s Frogtown , dusted with rootsy Americana, is like strong coffee with cream and sugar—a bracing mixture of bitter and sweet. This collection of 13 tracks, almost all composed by Wilson, also explores fresh performance territory, as a half...

The Ludwigsburg Concert Lyle Mays Quartet

07/12/16    Albums    By Jeff Tamarkin

Lyle Mays Quartet
The Ludwigsburg Concert

Whether intentionally or not, Lyle Mays seems to have perpetrated one of jazz’s great disappearing acts. For more than three decades, beginning in the mid-’70s, he was an integral component of the Pat Metheny Group, as keyboardist, composer and arranger;...

Flam! Blam! Pan-Asian MicroJam! David Fiuczynski

07/11/16    Albums    By Britt Robson

David Fiuczynski
Flam! Blam! Pan-Asian MicroJam!

David “Fuze” Fiuczynski dedicates his latest opus, Flam! Blam! Pan-Asian MicroJam! , to Olivier Messiaen and the late hip-hop innovator J Dilla. The opening song is called “Loon-Y Tunes.” This is one of the most disciplined, finely crafted records he’s ever...

Across the Bridge Tom Collier

07/10/16    Albums    By Steve Greenlee

Tom Collier
Across the Bridge
Origin Records

Tom Collier’s new album, Across the Bridge , is an exhilarating collection of modern jazz-rock originals inspired by his childhood “on the other side of the West Seattle Bridge.” Collier, who has taught percussion studies at the University of Washington...

3 Compositions (EEMHM) 2011 Anthony Braxton

07/09/16    Albums    By Michael J. West

Anthony Braxton
3 Compositions (EEMHM) 2011
Firehouse 12 Records

Taken together, Anthony Braxton’s three new box sets comprise 14 discs and as many hours of music, each set using a different ensemble and taking a different musical approach. But any one of the releases is by itself overwhelming. The shortest, 3 Compositions...

Continuum Nik Bärtsch’s Mobile

07/08/16    Albums    By Steve Greenlee

Nik Bärtsch’s Mobile
ECM Records

Swiss pianist Nik Bärtsch’s music has always been about grooves carved out of minimalism, and he favors collectivism over individual freedom. No one solos, ever. Rarely has an artist been able to do so much with so little. After three studio albums and one...

Luminosity Florian Hoefner Group

07/07/16    Albums    By Michael J. West

Florian Hoefner Group
Origin Records

“Typical” and “generic” aren’t synonyms. Pianist Florian Hoefner works to create music that “doesn’t sound like generic jazz.” To be sure, Luminosity , Hoefner’s third album with his quartet, is not generic, with its oblong structures and meters that require...

Landscapes Joe Chambers

07/06/16    Albums    By Mike Shanley

Joe Chambers

As a performer, Joe Chambers plays several roles on Landscapes . He stands front and center on the vibraphone, and he brings up the rear on trap kit. On “Havana” he ups the ante even further by adding bongos, marimba and congas to the mix. On the title track...