This is the Day Giovanni Guidi Trio

09/21/15    Albums    By Michael J. West

Giovanni Guidi Trio
This is the Day
ECM Records

Behind This Is the Day ’s scrim of subtlety, the Giovanni Guidi Trio quietly plays hell with the piano-trio format. Most of the time, drummer Joäo Lobo neither keeps nor accents the beat—he plays free. Bassist Thomas Morgan occasionally plays accents, but...

Form & Formless Ellen Johnson

09/20/15    Albums    By Christopher Loudon

Ellen Johnson
Form & Formless
Vocal Visions

It’s hardly surprising that Ellen Johnson was specially selected by Bobby McFerrin to work with his Voicestra ensemble. When it comes to shaping wordless gems, Johnson packs as imaginative a wallop as the mighty McFerrin. An accomplished jazz educator, Johnson...

Kind of New Jason Miles & Ingrid Jensen

09/18/15    Albums    By Jeff Tamarkin

Jason Miles & Ingrid Jensen
Kind of New
Whaling City Sound

First things first: Kind of New is informed not by Miles Davis’ 1959 Kind of Blue but rather the electric music of Bitches Brew onward. Jason Miles, a keyboardist who worked with Davis on a few of his later projects, explains in his introductory essay that...

Play a Bill Frisell Set List Michael Gibbs & the NDR Bigband

09/17/15    Albums    By Mike Joyce

Michael Gibbs & the NDR Bigband
Play a Bill Frisell Set List
In My View

Cuneiform Records

Throughout Bill Frisell’s prolific recording career, what goes around tends to come around, as youthful encounters and long-held fascinations inspire new studio projects and concert collaborations. Serendipity played a significant role in the guitarist’s...

Rise Shayna Steele

09/15/15    Albums    By Christopher Loudon

Shayna Steele

She’s backed Moby, Bette Midler and Kelly Clarkson, performed on Broadway, toured with Rihanna, recorded an EP and a full-length disc under her own steam and been hailed as an “R&B diva.” As she’s carved this circuitous path, Shayna Steele has also acquired...

Blue Dialect Mario Pavone

09/14/15    Albums    By Mike Shanley

Mario Pavone
Blue Dialect
Clean Feed

In “Language,” each member of the Mario Pavone Trio takes a little more than a minute for a meterless unaccompanied solo, following the quick, arrhythmic staccato theme. Drummer Tyshawn Sorey creates low thunder across the toms. Pavone plucks wildly at his...

Life in Real Time Laszlo Gardony

09/12/15    Albums    By Jeff Tamarkin

Laszlo Gardony
Life in Real Time

Life in Real Time , recorded live at the Berklee Performance Center in Boston last year, is both familiar and not. The familiarity comes from pianist Laszlo Gardony’s coaction with his regular rhythm section, bassist John Lockwood and drummer Yoron Israel...

Field Notes: Pat Metheny at the Detroit Jazz Festival

09/11/15    Concerts    By Evan Haga

Field Notes: Pat Metheny at the Detroit Jazz Festival

A jazz celebrity as artist-in-residence

Coltrane's A Love Supreme: Live in Amsterdam Branford Marsalis Quartet

09/11/15    Movies    By Steve Greenlee

Branford Marsalis Quartet
Coltrane's A Love Supreme: Live in Amsterdam

Branford Marsalis’ 2002 album, Footsteps of Our Fathers , which included his quartet’s recitation of John Coltrane’s four-part suite A Love Supreme , drew mostly favorable reviews, though at least one critic ( ahem ) found it stiff, emotionless and unnecessary...

Review: The 2015 Chicago Jazz Festival

09/10/15    Concerts    By Philip Booth

Review: The 2015 Chicago Jazz Festival

AACM's 50th anniversary dominates the 37th edition