Triangles and Circles Dafnis Prieto Sexter

07/21/15    Albums    By David Whiteis

Dafnis Prieto Sexter
Triangles and Circles

This CD’s title and that of its opening selection, “Back and Forth,” exemplify the music: Shapes, shadings and tonalities swirl in and out, sometimes alternating, sometimes blending, sometimes juxtaposed. Emotionally, as well, it’s an exercise in shape-shifting...

Love Songs: The Hidden History Ted Gioia

07/20/15    Books    By Jeff Tamarkin

Ted Gioia
Love Songs: The Hidden History

Everybody loves a love song. Countless have been written, and billions of words have been expended on them: why a beautifully sung romantic ballad makes us feel all tingly inside, who sings them most persuasively and why, how come they don’t write ’em like...

Trumpet Summit Prague: The Mendoza Arrangements Randy Brecker/Bobby Shew

07/20/15    Albums    By Philip Booth

Randy Brecker/Bobby Shew
Trumpet Summit Prague: The Mendoza Arrangements

High-brass firepower is the theme of Trumpet Summit Prague , and there’s plenty of the good stuff to go around, thanks to the on-point playing and improvising of a trio of trumpeters. Here, American players Randy Brecker and Bobby Shew, and Jan Hasenöhrl...

Crescent George Garzone

07/19/15    Albums    By Bill Beuttler

George Garzone
Jazz Hang

George Garzone is a musician’s musician, renowned as both a tenor saxophonist and an educator. But he remains relatively little known to the wider listening public. Perhaps his new album with two of his former Berklee students, much-celebrated bassist and...

Three Times Three Antonio Sanchez

07/18/15    Albums    By Michael J. West

Antonio Sanchez
Three Times Three
The Meridian Suite

CAM Jazz

Though it’d be incorrect to call these two new releases by drummer Antonio Sanchez a followup to his score from last year’s Oscar-winning Birdman , it’s impossible not to consider this new work alongside the film music. That score comprised unaccompanied...

Currency of Man Melody Gardot

07/17/15    Albums    By Christopher Loudon

Melody Gardot
Currency of Man

Melody Gardot takes a couple of steps back and a couple forward with Currency of Man . The first retreating move, a most wise one, sees her reunited with producer Larry Klein, who steered 2009’s My One and Only Thrill to multi-platinum acclaim. Also, with...

The Bad Plus Joshua Redman The Bad Plus Joshua Redman

07/16/15    Albums    By Evan Haga

The Bad Plus Joshua Redman
The Bad Plus Joshua Redman
Nonesuch Records

When the Bad Plus made its major-label debut in 2003, it was possible to accept it as a paradigm shift in piano-trio language. TBP has seen plenty of copycats since, but in the end its graces were too singular, its confluences too rare, to be ingested as...

Belleville Project Jeremy Udden/Nicolas Moreaux

07/15/15    Albums    By Mike Shanley

Jeremy Udden/Nicolas Moreaux
Belleville Project

When American saxophonist-composer Jeremy Udden crossed paths with French bassist Nicolas Moreaux in Paris, two musical soulmates found one another. Udden’s groups Plainville and Folk Art have made jazz music that utilizes non-jazz styles (mostly Americana...

One Night at the Vision Festival

07/14/15    Concerts    By Ed Berger

One Night at the Vision Festival

Ed Berger on the July 10th performances at the forward-looking NYC event

No U Turn: Live in Pasadena, 1975 Bobby Bradford & John Carter Quintet

07/14/15    Albums    By David Whiteis

Bobby Bradford & John Carter Quintet
No U Turn: Live in Pasadena, 1975
Dark Tree

This previously unissued recording of cornetist Bobby Bradford and woodwinds player John Carter at Caltech’s Baxter Lecture Hall, with two bassists—Stanley Carter and Roberto Miranda—and drummer William Jeffrey, is the earliest known documentation of the...