Super Petite The Claudia Quintet

09/26/16    Albums    By Mike Shanley

The Claudia Quintet
Super Petite
Cuneiform Records

The title Super Petite refers to the compositions drummer John Hollenbeck penned for the Claudia Quintet’s eighth album. Bucking the trend toward longer and larger works of music and literature, nearly all of them are timed at six minutes or less. The Quintet’s...

Presented by the Side Door Jazz Club Black Art Jazz Collective

09/25/16    Albums    By Thomas Conrad

Black Art Jazz Collective
Presented by the Side Door Jazz Club

In 2016, a jazz group that celebrates its African-American identity comes out of a context different from, say, 1966. Today’s dynamic is more evolutionary than revolutionary. Two tracks on this record are dedicated to a sitting African-American president...

Early Wayne Denny Zeitlin

09/24/16    Albums    By Thomas Conrad

Denny Zeitlin
Early Wayne

This live solo-piano recital is an ambitious undertaking. The program is 10 Wayne Shorter tunes, most from the early 1960s. Shorter’s compositions, with their motivically assembled melodic structures and proprietary harmonic environments, are famously challenging...

The Tour – Volume One Woody Shaw/Louis Hayes

09/23/16    Albums    By Thomas Conrad

Woody Shaw/Louis Hayes
The Tour – Volume One
HighNote Records

Of the great trumpet innovators, Woody Shaw and Booker Little are the two most in danger of being forgotten. Little’s obscurity can be attributed to his early death at 23. Shaw’s case is more complicated. He died at 44, in 1989, after a difficult life. His...

Review: Monterey Jazz Festival

09/23/16    Concerts    By Andrew Gilbert

Review: Monterey Jazz Festival

Fantastic drumming and an all-star tribute to Quincy Jones among highlights

Chemistry Houston Person & Ron Carter

09/22/16    Albums    By Mac Randall

Houston Person & Ron Carter
HighNote Records

For the fifth time in a quarter-century, these two distinguished veterans have joined forces for a sax/bass duets album. What you get is pretty much what you’d expect: A menu of standards, served with reliable skill and unpretentious style, provides the...

Stan's Hat Flapping in the Wind William Parker Ft. Lisa Sokolov and Cooper-Moore

09/21/16    Albums    By Matt R. Lohr

William Parker Ft. Lisa Sokolov and Cooper-Moore
Stan's Hat Flapping in the Wind

Since 1994, bassist-composer William Parker has been writing Stan’s Hat Flapping in the Wind , an original musical about a New Mexico couple chosen to save creation by learning to play music “made from the tears of God.” Parker has thus far written more...

Dialogue Myra Melford & Ben Goldberg

09/20/16    Albums    By Mike Shanley

Myra Melford & Ben Goldberg

Ben Goldberg and Myra Melford have each served in supporting roles on one another’s ambitious projects. Melford’s piano appeared in Goldberg’s Orphic Machine last year, a nonet session that combined original music with the writer Allen Grossman’s poetic...

Habana Dreams The Pedrito Martinez Group

09/19/16    Albums    By Jeff Tamarkin

The Pedrito Martinez Group
Habana Dreams

Pedrito Martinez, the Cuban-born percussionist whose 2013 Motéma leader debut earned him a Grammy nomination, is celebrating big-time on the follow-up. With U.S.-Cuban relations having thawed, the longtime New York resident convened his group and headed...

Birdwatching Anat Fort Trio/Gianluigi Trovest

09/18/16    Albums    By Jeff Tamarkin

Anat Fort Trio/Gianluigi Trovest
ECM Records

Birdwatching unfolds in that oh-so-familiar ECM way, as if its creators have all the time in the world to say what they have to say. Anat Fort, the Israeli pianist, volunteers to make the first statement, solo, for little more than two minutes, on “First...