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Brian Groder
What Not

From the album Reflexology
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Artist Bios:

Brian Groder

"Reflexology" unites three masterful improvisational musicians who have each developed and extended their own distinctive musical voices while also collaborating with some of jazz's crème de la crème genius oracles (Sam Rivers-Matthew Ship-Joe McPhee). Here they develop their own ensemble dialogue, pushing and pulling the compositions Groder created during a summer of self-imposed workshops with Bisio. The trio twists and turns in, out and through the music for deep and rich renderings. Together, these improvisers, skillful and experienced-honed, present a true vision of past-forward jazz.

"Am amazing virtuoso performance, the future for improvisational trumpet is in good hands." -Brent Black, Bop-n-Jazz

"Groder sports a trumpet sound in a perfect, crystal structure be-bop and cool style." -Ettore Garzia, Percorsi Musicali

"Reflexology is an expertly crafted mix of composition and improvisation that delivers something more than a sum of its parts.: -Paul Acquaro, FreeJazz

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