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Teddy Wilson
One O'Clock Jump

From the album Teddy Wilson Live at the King of France Tavern
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Artist Bios:

Teddy Wilson

Teddy Wilson was born on November 24, 1912, in Austin, Texas. He was one of the greatest jazz pianists of all time, yet Teddy Wilson always played in a melodic swinging style that appealed to the average listener. He gave the impression that he was incapable of making a mistake or playing an inappropriate phrase. The epitome of impeccahle taste, Wilson was the definitive swing pianist. making it all look easy. Much more accessible than t he superhuman Art Tatum, the unpredictable Earl Hines and the virtuosic Oscar Peterson. Wilson sounded like he would be equally at home performing in either a neighborhood bar or a concert hall, happy to play for any audience that was willing to listen.

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