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Cristina Morrison
Stand Still

From the album _I LOVE
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Artist Bios:


The Jazz Beat from Galápagos
Cristina Morrison released her debut original album “I Love” in New York City, Miami, Quito & Guayaquil.
Her talent as a singer-songwriter is expressed by bringing together her latin feeling with her love for jazz. In I LOVE she merges different genres which navigate across bossa nova, funk, samba, latin ballad, and straight-ahead.
Cristina’s repertoire is a compilation of standards & songs written by her which are dedicated to the people, the places and all things she loves in life: her two sons, love tales, the Galapagos Islands, New York, Storyville, and much more. Part of her album sales reach out to support “Arteducarte”, an educational program through the arts in public schools in the Galapagos Islands.

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