Alaska Jazz Workshop

Street 1600 Wolverine St
City Anchorage
State Alaska
Postal 99504
Country USA
Category High School Jazz Program
No jazzstudents 14
Tot students 14
Degrees bach None
Degrees grad None
Faculty John Damberg-Executive director/instructor Mark Manners-instructor George Pierce-instructor
Alumns Eiden Pospisil-drum set Will Tompkins-bass Mischa Carlson-drums & trumpet Mia Claman-Tenor Sax Annalise Boslough-flute Freeman Levine-flute Stuart Raven-piano Megan Maslen-T. Sax Max Hensley-A. Sax, piano Logan Bean-Trumpet Josh Antonio-T. Sax Max Silverman-piano Greg Baker-bass Fabian Bean-drum set Cameron Brown-guitar Jack Conger-bass Nicoli Cox-drum set Brandon Dannehy-T sax Kimberly Kapelari -drum set Sam Dinges-piano Brody Equires-trumpet Haley Ford-bass Dylan Williams-drum set Adam Fredericksen-trumpet Erin Goudreau-A. Sax Mitchell Halverson-drum set Lisa Hawkins-vocals Scott Higbee-drum set Rhys Maslan-drum set Jeremy Irons-guitar Anthony Reed-trombone Andy Ivy-tumpet Megan Letts-vocals, trumpet Jacob Quam-drum set Aric Kleppin-trombone Alex Krolick-drum set Issac Kumpula-soprano sax Brock Lane-piano Eric Laufer-trumpet Austin Lemmons-guitar Matt Magruder-guitar Brooke Miner-piano Jacques Willis-drum set, vibes David Myhre-guitar Sam Neslund-A. Sax Ethan Neslund-guitar Jeff Quay-drum set Adam Rose-Levy-piano Elias Rubin-bass Ben Claman-trumpet, piano Rick Ruttum-bass Quinn Schwartz-guitar Mischa Shimek-guitar, piano Jordan Shindle-guitar David Smith-drum set, violin Tim Soderlund-drum set Kyle Stersic-A. sax Dane Walker-soprano sax Brennan Zelener-A. sax
Jazzbands Class offerings September-May Small Jazz Combo Improvisation classes for Middle and High School students are held at the UAA Arts Building in rented classroom space during the school year on Friday afternoons from 4:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Beginning, intermediate, and advanced sections are offered. Students work in small groups of 6-10 members. They mentor with Alaska Jazz Master artists/educators including: John Damberg, Kerry Maule, Mark Manners, Karl Wilhelmi, Rick Zelinsky, Andy Mullen, Don Cosgrove, Bob Andrews, and Dirk Westfall. Topics covered include: basic to advanced improvisation skills development, music theory, song forms, Jazz History, repertoire, teaming skills, and developing music business skills. Students perform two concerts per semester during the school year. July and August One Week Summer Intensive Jazz Camps Featuring internationally acclaimed guest artists including: Bobby Shew, Michael Davis, Denis Diblasio, Oscar Stagnaro, Allison Miller, Carl Saunders, Jovino Santos Neto, Barney McClure, Peggy Stern, Jon Goforth, Joshua Davis, Mimi Fox, Paul Lucas, and Nadine Shanti. Middle and High School students receive 20 hours of instruction four hours per day Monday through Friday in small combo settings from the guest artist and the Alaska Jazz Master Artists listed above. Student groups are featured in a Friday evening Student Recital and the guest jazz artist is featured in the Saturday evening Instructors Recital. These concerts are open to the general public and are well attended. The average attendance for the Student Recitals ranges from 80-125 people. The attendance for the Instructors Recital ranges from 150-245 people. Classes and concerts are held at the UAA Arts Building.
Description Alaska Jazz Workshop-AJW Mission and History Mission The Alaska Jazz Workshop is a non-profit arts and service organization founded in 2000 to cultivate a support and educational system for jazz music and increase the community awareness of jazz music. It’s mission is to provide music education and performance opportunities, and to network and complement programs offered by other jazz organizations in communities throughout Alaska. The AJW provides music education resources not available elsewhere in Alaska to underserved communities of music students seeking to further their knowledge of music and jazz improvisation beyond their initial exposure to music in the public schools. The AJW programs encourage students to develop imaginative thinking, creativity, a positive self image, teaming skills, and a respect for the diverse cultural heritages in Alaska and around the world. History The Alaska Jazz Workshop idea was started by John Damberg and Kerry Maule the Summer of 1995 as the Small Combo Jazz Improvisation Class. They wanted to provide a means to share their love and passion for the great American art form of Jazz with the future generations of potential jazz lovers. They knew that the art form of Jazz emphasizes self expression, working together as a musical collective to create something that is artistically inspiring, a deep understanding of the language of music through the study of music theory , ear training and an appreciation of the rich culture and history of Jazz music. The initial classes were such a success that John and Kerry decided to offer the classes on a year round basis at UAA on Friday afternoons. So the jazz classes have been running consistently on a year round basis since the summer of 1995. The workshop classes have provided an opportunity for over 2000 Middle and High School students to expand their creative and musical skills while networking with other like minded and impassioned music students. The student combos, which give regular concerts open to the public, have continued to develop the appreciation for jazz music in Alaska. Cl
Tuition instate $350.00 for the August 12-17, 2013 Summer Camp
Tuition outstate $350 for the August 12-17, 2013 Summer Camp
Deadline fall 2013-08-15
Deadline winter 2013-12-15
Deadline summer 2013-05-15
Notes The Alaska Jazz Workshop mainly provides jazz education and performance opportunities for grade 7-12 middle and high school students. Beginning to Advanced jazz improvisation classes offered in small combo settings of 4-8 students from September to May from 4-6 p.m. on Fridays at the University of Alaska Arts Building. During the summer the AJW holds two one week Small Jazz Combo Improvisation Camps at the UAA Arts Building in July and August. Class instructors feature local Alaska Jazz profession performers and educators. The summer camps add internationally acclaimed guest artists. Past guest artists include Jovino Santos Neto, Mike Davis, Bobby Shrew, Denis Diblasio, Rebeca Mauleon, Oscar Stagnaro, Mimi Fox, Jason Goldman, Vince Cherico, Allison Miller, Carl Saunders, Barney McClure, Peggy Stern, Joshua Davis, Jon Goforth, Nadine Shanti, and Paul Lucas.
Primary contact name John Damberg
Primary contact title Executive Director
Primary contact phone 907-332-3234
Primary contact email [email protected]
Admissions contact name John Damberg
Admissions contact title Executive Director
Admissions contact phone 907-332-3234
Admissions contact email [email protected]
Jazz contact name John Damberg
Jazz contact title Vibist/percussionist/composer/educator
Jazz contact phone 907-332-3234
Jazz contact email [email protected]
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