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March 1999    Albums    By Nancy Ann Lee

Tricia Tahara

May 1998    Briefs    By Nancy Ann Lee

Million Dollar Secret
Irene Reid

May 1998    Briefs    By Marcela Breton

The Outsider
Fernando Tarres with the Arida Conta Group

May 1999    Albums    By Willard Jenkins

My Foolish Heart
Everett Greene

January/February 1998    Albums    By Jack Sohmer

Bruce Williams

October 1998    Albums    By Stanley Dance

The Opening Round
Houston Person

November 1999    Albums    By Bill Bennett

Bass Hits
Peter Martin Weiss

March 2000    Albums    By Bill Bennett

In Search Of
J.D. Allen

March 2000    Albums    By Sid Gribetz

Wet Streets
Bill Heid

May 2000    Albums    By Patricia Myers

Stan Hope

May 2000    Albums    By John Murph

For Those Who Love To Groove
Cecil Brooks III

September 2000    Albums    By Peter Margasak

Spirits in the Field
Arthur Blythe Trio

November 2000    Albums    By Danielle Bias

The Uptown Lowdown
Irene Reid

November 2000    Albums    By Miles Jordan

The Art of Norman Simmons
Norman Simmons

July/August 2001    Albums    By John Murph

Winard Harper Sextet

April 2001    Albums    By Owen Cordle

Dark Secrets
Bill Heid

January/February 2001    Albums    By Ron Wynn

Bruce Williams

November 2001    Albums    By Owen Cordle

Live at Sweet Basil
Cecil Brooks III

May 2002    Albums    By Aaron Steinberg

Moon Shadow
Carlos Garnett

December 2001    Albums    By Harvey Siders

As Long As There's Music
Richard Wyands

March 2002    Albums    By Bill Bennett

Blythe Byte
Arthur Blythe

July/August 2002    Albums    By Doug Ramsey

From My Heart
Eric Reed

November 2002    Drum Beat    By Larry Appelbaum

Live at Sweet Basil, Volume Two
Cecil Brooks III

September 2002    Albums    By Christopher Loudon

One Monkey Don't Stop No Show
Irene Reid

January/February 2003    Albums    By David Franklin

Arthur Blythe

June 2003    Albums    By Owen Cordle

Da Girl
Bill Heid

November 2003    Drum Beat    By Nate Chinen

A Time for the Soul
Winard Harper Sextet

December 2003    Albums    By John Litweiler

Arthur Blythe

October 2003    Albums    By Harvey Siders

Eric Reed

October 2003    Vox    By Christopher Loudon

Redux: Live at the Keystone Korner
Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson

October 2003    Vox    By Christopher Loudon

Movin' Out
Irene Reid

April 2004    Albums    By Owen Cordle

Soul Manifesto Live!
Rodney Jones

May 2004    Albums    By Owen Cordle

Jim Payne

November 2004    Albums    By Michael Edwards

Come Into the Light
Winard Harper

December 2004    Albums    By John Murph

It Is What It Is
Melvin Sparks

October 2004    Vox    By Christopher Loudon

Thanks to You
Irene Reid

January/February 2005    Organized    By Bill Milkowski

Walking Uptown
John "Papa" DeFrancesco

January/February 2005    Eighty-Eights    By Steve Futterman

In Private
Norman Simmons

June 2005    Albums    By Aaron Steinberg

Keep It Simple
Curtis Fuller

January/February 2006    Guitartistry    By Bill Milkowski

This Is It!
Melvin Sparks

November 2005    Albums    By Bill Milkowski

…And Sammy Walked In
Sammy Figueroa & His Latin Jazz Explosion

November 2005    Albums    By Owen Cordle

Fun House
Reuben Wilson

November 2005    Eighty-Eights    By Thomas Conrad

Put On a Happy Face
Stan Hope

March 2006    Guitartistry    By David R. Adler

Dreams and Stories
Rodney Jones

January/February 2006    Eighty-Eights    By Thomas Conrad

Night Song
Mike LeDonne

December 2006    Albums    By Owen Cordle

Double Exposure
Cecil Brooks III with Gene Ludwig

June 2006    Albums    By Owen Cordle

The Outlaw
Joe Chambers

June 2006    Vox    By Christopher Loudon

There's Something About You I Don't Know
Pamela Luss

September 2006    Saxophonics    By David Franklin

Tenor of the Times
Jerry Bergonzi

September 2006    Guitartistry    By David R. Adler

Groove On Up
Melvin Sparks

November 2006    Albums    By Terry Perkins

Desert Heat
"Papa" John DeFrancesco

November 2006    Albums    By Bill Milkowski

Maximum Firepower
Louis Hayes and the Cannonball Legacy Band

November 2006    Albums    By Chris Heim

Good Vibrations
Ray Mantilla

November 2006    Eighty-Eights    By Thomas Conrad

On Fire
Mike Ledonne

June 2008    Albums    By Chris Heim

Triple Play
Bill O’Connell

April 2008    Albums    By Mike Shanley

Jim Snidero

January/February 2007    Albums    By Bill Milkowski

Movin' On
Reuben Wilson

March 2008    Albums    By Mike Joyce

Playing for Keeps
Bob DeVos

September 2007    Albums    By Mike Joyce

Jerry Bergonzi

October 2007    Albums    By Will Smith

Rodriguez Brothers

August 2008    Albums    By Jeff Tamarkin

Hopes and Dreams
Wayne Escoffery and Veneration

June 2007    Albums    By Scott Albin

The Magician
Sammy Figueroa & His Latin Jazz Explosion

June 2007    Vox    By Christopher Loudon

Your Eyes
Pamela Luss

June 2007    Saxophonics    By Chris Kelsey

Veneration: Live at Smoke
Wayne Escoffery

September 2008    Albums    By Jessica Webster Sendra

Tenor Talk
Jerry Bergonzi

September 2008    Vox    By Christopher Loudon

Pamela Luss

December 2008    Albums    By Mike Joyce

The Traveler
Kenny Barron

December 2008    Albums    By Mike Joyce

Mind Wine: The Music of John Hicks
The John Hicks Legacy Band

December 2008    Vox    By Christopher Loudon

What Lies Within
Denise Donatelli

January/February 2009    Eighty-Eights    By Thomas Conrad

Mike Ledonne

May 2009    Albums    By A.D. Amorosi

Big Shot
“Papa” John DeFrancesco

11/01/09    Vox    By Christopher Loudon

Sweet and Saxy
Pamela Luss

01/18/10    Albums    By John Schu

The Wizard of Jazz: A Tribute to Harold Arlen
The Peter Hand Big Band featuring Houston Person

02/18/10    Albums    By Brenton Plourde

Blues Citizens
Radam Schwartz

May 2010    Albums    By Christopher Loudon

Tides of Yesterday
Carolyn Leonhart/Wayne Escoffery

June 2010    Albums    By Forrest Dylan Bryant

Horace to Max
Joe Chambers

April 2011    Albums    By Owen Cordle

Jerry Bergonzi

May 2011    Albums    By Ron Wynn

The Dancing Monk
Eric Reed

08/25/11    Albums    By Owen Cordle

Jim Snidero Interface

10/13/11    Albums    By Bill Milkowski

Silvano Monasterios

10/26/11    Albums    By Steve Greenlee

Keep the Faith
Mike LeDonne

05/22/12    Albums    By Bill Milkowski

WIth the Cedar Walton Trio
Piero Odorici

06/23/12    Albums    By Steve Greenlee

The Baddest Monk
Eric Reed

09/10/12    Albums    By Lloyd Sachs

Three Things of Beauty
Bruce Barth

10/20/12    Albums    By Aidan Levy

Shifting Gears
Jerry Bergonzi

12/11/12    Vox    By Christopher Loudon

Soul Shadows
Denise Donatelli

05/01/13    Albums    By Christopher Loudon

Miles Tones
Giacomo Gates

04/20/13    Albums    By Lloyd Sachs

Harvie S with Kenny Barron

06/16/13    Albums    By Steve Greenlee

JD Allen

07/14/13    Albums    By Christopher Loudon

A Sunday Kind of Love
Barbara Morrison

07/22/13    Albums    By Lloyd Sachs

By Any Other Name
Jerry Bergonzi

07/29/13    Albums    By Thomas Conrad

Stream of Consciousness
Jim Snidero

03/10/14    Albums    By Owen Cordle

The Connection
Ray Mantilla

04/22/14    Albums    By Mike Joyce

Bruce Barth

05/28/14    Albums    By Jeff Tamarkin

The Adventurous Monk
Eric Reed

07/23/14    Albums    By Bill Beuttler

JD Allen

09/24/14    Albums    By Owen Cordle

I Love Music
Mike LeDonne

11/12/14    Albums    By Christopher Loudon

I Love You, Yes I Do
Barbara Morrison

12/19/14    Albums    By Christopher Loudon

Sammy Figueroa & Glaucia Nasser

02/26/15    Albums    By Jeff Tamarkin

Bill O'Connell and the Latin Jazz Allstars

04/14/15    Albums    By Michael J. West

Main Street
Jim Snidero

06/16/15    Albums    By Mike Joyce

Jerry Bergonzi

09/07/15    Albums    By Jeff Tamarkin

Imaginary World
Sammy Figueroa

09/24/15    Albums    By Mike Joyce

Mike LeDonne

09/08/15    Albums    By Christopher Loudon

Everything is Cool
Giacomo Gates

10/06/15    Albums    By Mike Shanley

JD Allen

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