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July/August 1999    Albums    By Sid Gribetz

On the Edge
John Fedchock New York Big Band

May 1999    Albums    By Duck Baker

Steve Kuhn

March 1998    Albums    By Owen Cordle

A Star for You
Valery Ponomarev

October 1998    Albums    By Bret Primack

Steve Kuhn

June 1998    Albums    By Sid Gribetz

Nick Brignola

March 1997    Albums    By Jack Sohmer

Keepin In The Groove
Rob Schneiderman

May 1997    Albums    By Fred Bouchard

Flight of the Eagle
Nick Brignola

June 1997    Albums    By Jim Ferguson

Up Front
Peter Leitch

September 1997    Albums    By Chuck Berg

This Time
Pete Malinverni

September 1997    Albums    By Marcela Breton

Double Standards
Claudio Roditi

December 1997    Albums    By Owen Cordle

One By One
Dick Berk

April 2001    Albums    By Harvey Siders

Hit the Bricks
John Fedchock

January/February 2000    Albums    By Jack Sohmer

All Business
Nick Brignola

March 2000    Albums    By Sid Gribetz

Helio Alves

September 2001    Albums    By Harvey Siders

Of One Mind
Pete Malinverni Trio

July/August 2000    Briefs    By Jim Ferguson

Blues on the Corner
Peter Leitch

December 2001    Albums    By Miles Jordan

Rob Schneiderman

July/August 2001    Albums    By Harvey Pekar

The Messenger
Valery Ponomarev

May 2002    Strung Out    By Aaron Steinberg

Anna's Dance
Roni Ben-Hur

July/August 2001    Albums    By Lara Pellegrinelli

Nothin' But Love
Bertha Hope

April 2002    Albums    By Harvey Siders

Tour de Force
Nick Brignola

September 2002    Albums    By Doug Ramsey

Full Circle
Jon Mayer

April 2003    Bones    By Harvey Siders

No Nonsense
John Fedchock New York Big Band

June 2003    Albums    By Thomas Conrad

Manhattan Autumn
David Hazeltine

September 2003    Albums    By Chris Kelsey

The Real Deal
Gary Smulyan

June 2004    Eighty-Eights    By Bill Milkowski

Live in New York
Barry Harris

April 2004    Saxophonics    By David Franklin

Things Ain't What They Used to Be
Nick Brignola

July/August 2004    Albums    By Felix Contreras

Portrait in Black and White
Helio Alves

May 2004    Eighty-Eights    By Harvey Siders

The Classics
Jon Mayer

July/August 2004    Eighty-Eights    By Steve Futterman

The Tempest
Pete Malinverni

April 2005    Guitartistry    By Bill Milkowski

Peter Leitch

May 2005    Eighty-Eights    By Steve Futterman

Back in Town
Rob Schneiderman

July/August 2005    Guitartistry    By Russell Carlson

Roni Ben-Hur

January/February 2006    Eighty-Eights    By Thomas Conrad

Blues Alley-Second Set
Hod O'Brien

May 2006    Eighty-Eights    By Thomas Conrad

Theme & Variations
Pete Malinverni

April 2006    Eighty-Eights    By Thomas Conrad

My Romance
Jon Mayer

July/August 2006    Albums    By Mike Shanley

Beyond the Obvious
Valery Ponomarev

July/August 2006    Albums    By Steve Futterman

Hidden Treasures
Gary Smulyan

May 2007    Eighty-Eights    By Thomas Conrad

Blues Alley—Third Set
Hod O’Brien

September 2007    Albums    By Steve Greenlee

Martin Bejerano

October 2007    Albums    By Will Smith

More Treasures
Gary Smulyan

August 2008    Albums    By Owen Cordle

Invisible Cities
Pete Malinverni

June 2007    Albums    By Owen Cordle

Up & Running
John Fedchock New York Big Band

September 2008    Eighty-Eights    By Thomas Conrad

Glass Enclosure
Rob Schneiderman

November 2008    Albums    By William Ruhlmann

Joe Magnarelli

March 2009    Albums    By George Kanzler

High Noon: The Jazz Soul of Frankie Laine
Gary Smulyan

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