Palmetto Records

Street 67 Hill Road
City Redding
Postcode 06896
State CT
Country USA
Phone 203-938-7054
Email [email protected]
Year founded 1992
Description Mission Palmetto Records has been an independent leading voice in music since it was founded in 1990. Through its choice of innovative artists and careful attention to sonic value, it has emerged as a heavyweight label, as well as being listed as one of the best jazz labels for four years running in the Downbeat Critics Poll. Its original mission of enabling artists to fulfill their creative visions still remains the label's focus. According to Palmetto founder and producer, Matt Balitsaris, the label has succeeded so well because it makes music that matters to the artist and to the audience. Palmetto also supports artists who are often overlooked or are considered somewhat "left of center". This enables the label to help expand the boundaries and even the vocabulary of jazz, and also gives the artists the freedom they need to make great music. Palmetto truly believes the future of jazz is now.
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Rumba Club

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November 2000    Albums    By Greg Robinson

Communication Theory
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Rick Margitza

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Easy Does It
Javon Jackson

July/August 2003    Albums    By Brian Gilmore

Bobby Previte and Bump

January/February 2004    Albums    By John Litweiler

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Marty Ehrlich

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Brad Mehldau

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Fred Hersch

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La Espada de la Noche
Ted Nash & Odeon

June 2005    Vox    By Christopher Loudon

Mercy Streets
Kate McGarry

October 2005    Albums    By Harvey Siders

Una Noche Inolvidable
Afro-Latin Jazz Orchestra with Arturo O'Farrill

October 2005    Albums    By Martin Johnson

Have You Heard
Javon Jackson

November 2005    Eighty-Eights    By Thomas Conrad

Live at Jazz Standard
Bill Mays Trio

December 2005    Albums    By Nate Chinen

News on the Rail
Marty Ehrlich

December 2005    Big Bands    By David Franklin

Don't Be Afraid…
Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis

April 2006    Eighty-Eights    By Thomas Conrad

In Amsterdam: Live at the Bimhuis
Fred Hersch

April 2006    Albums    By Thomas Conrad

Larry Goldings

June 2006    Albums    By Steve Greenlee

Cowboy Justice
Ben Allison

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Frank Kimbrough

October 2006    Albums    By Chris Heim

Jungle Soul
Dr. Lonnie Smith

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Javon Jackson

June 2008    Albums    By Bill Milkowski

Cure All
Robert Walter

June 2008    Albums    By Eric Fine

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Bobby Watson

April 2008    Basslines    By Bill Milkowski

The Irrational Numbers
Drew Gress

March 2008    Albums    By Thomas Conrad

Frank Kimbrough

January/February 2008    Albums    By Michael J. West

Little Things Run the World
Ben Allison & Man Size Safe

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At Home
Slow Poke

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The Scenic Route
Matt Wilson's Arts & Crafts

May 2007    Albums    By Nick Breul

Party Hats
Will Bernard

November 2007    Albums    By Steve Futterman

Bill Mays—The Inventions Trio

December 2007    Albums    By Chris Kelsey

Marty Ehrlich and Myra Melford

August 2008    Albums    By A.D. Amorosi

Set the Alarm for Monday
Bobby Previte & the New Bump

June 2007    Vox    By Christopher Loudon

The Target
Kate McGarry

June 2007    Eighty-Eights    By Thomas Conrad

Night and the Music
Fred Hersch

October 2008    Vox    By Christopher Loudon

If Less Is More... Nothing Is Everything
Kate McGarry

December 2008    Albums    By Perry Tannenbaum

Once Upon a Melody
Javon Jackson

December 2008    Albums    By Chris Kelsey

This We Know
Michael Moore & Fred Hersch

December 2008    Albums    By Perry Tannenbaum

The Mancini Project
Ted Nash

April 2009    Albums    By A.D. Amorosi

Rise Up!
Dr. Lonnie Smith

November 2009    Albums    By Josef Woodard

Think Free
Ben Allison

02/25/10    Albums    By Josef Woodard

Pan Atlantic
Bobby Previte

April 2011    Albums    By Bill Milkowski

Before the Rain
Noah Preminger

May 2011    Albums    By Michael J. West

Alone at the Vanguard
Fred Hersch

05/17/11    Albums    By Sharonne Cohen

Ben Allison

08/30/11    Albums    By Bill Beuttler

Woods & Mays
Phil Woods & Bill Mays

10/04/11    Albums    By Christopher Loudon

Live At Jazz Standard

12/01/11    Albums    By Jeff Tamarkin

The Moon is Waiting
Tim Hagans

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An Attitude for Gratitude
Matt Wilson's Arts & Crafts

05/19/12    Albums    By Christopher Loudon

Girl Talk
Kate McGarry

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Spectrum Road

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Live at Kitano
Frank Kimbrough Trio

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New York Voices Live
New York Voices

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Noah Preminger

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Leo Genovese

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Ralph Alessi as Sideman: 5 Essential Examples

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Free Flying
Fred Hersch & Julian Lage

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Janis Siegel

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Fred Hersch

08/21/15    Albums    By Thomas Conrad

Old Friends and New Friends
David Berkman

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