Dreyfus Records

Street 19 W. 44th St. #1716
City New York
Postcode 10036
State NY
Country USA
Phone 212-398-5859
Fax 212-944-1631
Email [email protected]
Url www.dreyfusrecords.com
Version 1.

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July/August 1999    Albums    By Bill Bennett

Solo Live
Michel Petrucciani

October 1998    Albums    By Doug Ramsey

Just Friends
Martial Solal

October 1998    Albums    By Bill Milkowski

Blue Eyes
Bireli Lagrene

June 1998    Albums    By Jim Ferguson

Philip Catherine Quartet

June 1998    Albums    By Willard Jenkins

Both Worlds
Michel Petrucciani

January/February 2001    Albums    By Bill Milkowski

Tribute to Stephane Grappelli
Didier Lockwood

December 2000    Albums    By Bill Milkowski


April 1997    Albums    By Willard Jenkins

Bouncing With Mr. A. T.
Steve Grossman

May 1997    Albums    By Willard Jenkins

Live in Time
Mingus Big Band

May 1997    Briefs    By Chuck Berg

Richard Galliano

November 1997    Albums    By Harvey Pekar

Au Theatre des Champs-Elysees
Michel Petrucianni

December 1997    Albums    By Geraldine Wyckoff

Trio HLP
Daniel Humair, Eddie Louiss, Jean-Luc Ponty

April 1998    Albums    By Bill Bennett

Que Viva Mingus!: Largely Latin
Mingus Big Band

January/February 2001    Albums    By Stuart Nicholson

Concerts Inedits
Michael Petrucciani

October 1999    Albums    By Bill Milkowski

Guitar Groove
Philip Catherine

December 1999    Albums    By Bill Shoemaker

Blues and Politics
Mingus Big Band

December 1999    Albums    By Marcela Breton

French Touch
Richard Galliano

May 2000    Albums    By Harvey Siders

Trio In Tokyo
Michel Petrucciani

May 2000    Albums    By Sid Gribetz

Sentimental Feeling
Eddy Louiss

June 2000    Albums    By Josef Woodard

Zero One
Geoffrey Keezer

July/August 2000    Spheres    By Josef Woodard

Richard Galliano and I Solisti dell'Orchestra della Toscana

July/August 2000    Albums    By Bill Milkowski

Sylvain Luc/Bireli Lagrene

October 2000    Albums    By Stuart Nicholson

Steve Grossman Quartet with Michel Petrucciani
Steve Grossman Quartet with Michel Petrucciani

November 2000    Albums    By Duck Baker

In and Out
Martial Solal/Johnny Griffin

June 2001    Albums    By Reuben Jackson

Martial Solal Dodecaband Plays Ellingtion
Martial Solal Dodecaband

May 2001    Albums    By Jim Ferguson

Blue Prince
Philip Catherine

June 2001    Albums    By Doug Ramsey

Johnny Griffin and Steve Grossman Quintet
Johnny Griffin/Steve Grossman Quintet

June 2001    Albums    By Bill Milkowski

Recit Proche
Eddy Louiss

January/February 2002    Eighty-Eights    By Larry Appelbaum

Right Time
Franck Avitabile

January/February 2002    Albums    By Graham Lock

Michel Petrucciani/Tony Petrucciani

May 2002    Albums    By David Franklin

Rosario Giuliani Quartet

November 2001    Albums    By Harvey Siders

Birds of a Feather: A Tribute to Charlie Parker
Roy Haynes

January/February 2002    Eighty-Eights    By Larry Appelbaum

Olympia 2000
Ahmad Jamal

July/August 2002    Albums    By Bill Milkowski

Gypsy Project
Bireli Lagrene

June 2002    Albums    By Ron Wynn

Welcome Home
Jean-Michel Pilc Trio

September 2002    Albums    By Owen Cordle

Face to Face
Richard Galliano/Eddy Louiss

June 2002    Albums    By Owen Cordle

Tonight at Noon
Mingus Big Band

January/February 2003    Guitartistry    By Jim Ferguson

Gipsy Project and Friends
Biréli Lagrène

January/February 2003    Guitartistry    By Jim Ferguson

Summer Night
Philip Catherine

July/August 2003    Bassics    By Nate Chinen

Eight Plus
Ron Carter Nonet

October 2003    Albums    By Brian Gilmore

Divine Radiance
Tisziji Munoz

October 2003    Albums    By Harvey Siders

Cardinal Points
Jean-Michel Pilc

April 2004    Spheres    By Javier Quinones

Piazzolla Forever
Richard Galliano Septet

November 2003    Albums    By Bill Shoemaker

Tribute to Lester
Art Ensemble of Chicago

April 2004    Albums    By Bill Milkowski

Dreyfus Night in Paris
Marcus Miller/Michel Petrucciani

May 2004    Drum Beat    By Bill Milkowski

Fountain of Youth
Roy Haynes

October 2004    Grooves    By John Murph

Lounge Story 2
Various Artists

November 2004    Albums    By Thomas Conrad

Follow Me
Jean-Michel Pilc

January/February 2005    Mighty Clarinets    By David Franklin

Michel Portal/Richard Galliano

May 2005    Guitartistry    By David R. Adler

Bireli Lagrene Gipsy Project

April 2005    Guitartistry    By Bill Milkowski

Solo Ambre
Sylvain Luc

July/August 2005    Eighty-Eights    By Steve Futterman

After Fajr
Ahmad Jamal

July/August 2005    Albums    By David Franklin

More than Ever
Rosario Giuliani

July/August 2005    Vox    By Christopher Loudon

Give Me the Simple Life
Sara Lazarus

November 2005    Albums    By Steve Futterman

Ruby, My Dear
Richard Galliano

December 2005    Big Bands    By David Franklin

Meeting Colours
Philip Catherine, Bert Joris, Brussels Jazz Orchestra

May 2006    Drum Beat    By Bill Milkowski

Avenue Des Diables Blues
Andre Cecarelli Trio with Bireli Lagrene

September 2006    Albums    By Christopher Loudon

Piano, Piano
Anne Ducros

November 2006    Albums    By Steve Futterman

Roy Haynes and the Fountain Of Youth Band

June 2008    Vox    By Christopher Loudon

État de Fait
Aldo Romano

April 2008    Undertones    By Forrest Dylan Bryant

Time Out Trio
Géraldine Laurent

March 2008    Vox    By Christopher Loudon

Urban Tribe
Anne Ducros

January/February 2008    Albums    By Steve Futterman

A Life In Time: The Roy Haynes Story
Roy Haynes

January/February 2008    Albums    By Mike Joyce

Just the Way You Are
Biréli Lagrène Gipsy Project

April 2007    Albums    By Josef Woodard

Sylvain Luc

September 2007    Albums    By Mike Joyce

I’m Confessin’
Steve Grossman Quartet Featuring Harold Land

July/August 2007    Vox    By Christopher Loudon

It’s All Right With Me
Sara Lazarus

November 2008    Albums    By A.D. Amorosi

U. Shrinivas

November 2008    Albums    By A.D. Amorosi

U. Shrinivas

December 2008    Albums    By Chris Kelsey

Bert’s Playground
Ari Hoenig

March 2009    Albums    By Mike Joyce

Electric Side
Biréli Lagrène

March 2009    Albums    By Perry Tannenbaum

Just Jazz
Aldo Romano

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