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April 1999    Albums    By Harvey Pekar

A Cloud of Blackbirds
Joe Morris

April 1999    Albums    By Bill Shoemaker

The Peach Orchard
William Parker and In Order to Survive

January/February 1998    Albums    By Fred Bouchard

Sunrise In The Tone World
William Parker with The Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra

May 1998    Albums    By Duck Baker

Big Room
Dave Stryker Quartet

December 1998    Albums    By Bill Milkowski

Other Dimensions In Music

May 2000    Albums    By Peter Margasak


November 2000    Albums    By Bill Bennett

Mayor of Punkville
William Parker and the Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra

November 2000    Albums    By John Murph

Time Is of the Essence; The Essence Is Beyond Time
Other Dimensions in Music Special Quintet with Matthew Shipp

March 2001    Albums    By Duck Baker

Soul Search
Joe Morris/Mat Maneri

January/February 2002    Albums    By Daniel Piotrowski

Joe Morris

November 2001    Albums    By Aaron Steinberg

Piercing the Veil
William Parker/Hamid Drake

December 2001    Albums    By Daniel Piotrowski

Corridors and Parallels
David S. Ware Quartet

May 2002    Albums    By Aaron Steinberg

Life Cycle

June 2002    Albums    By John Murph

Phil Ranelin

January/February 2003    Albums    By Aaron Steinberg

Going to Church
Maneri Ensemble

December 2002    Albums    By John Litweiler

Freedom Suite
David S. Ware Quartet

May 2003    Countercurrents    By Aaron Steinberg

Daniel Carter/Reuben Radding

July/August 2005    Albums    By Nate Chinen

Sound Unity
William Parker Quartet

December 2005    Albums    By Mike Shanley

The Beautiful
Triptych Myth

May 2006    Albums    By Andrew Lindemann Malone

Long Hidden: The Olmec Series
William Parker

September 2006    Albums    By Chris Kelsey

Palm of Soul
Kidd Jordan/Hamid Drake/William Parker

October 2006    Albums    By Steve Greenlee

Sotto Voce
Roy Nathanson

May 2008    Albums    By Forrest Dylan Bryant

Akhenaten Suite
Roy Campbell Ensemble

November 2007    Albums    By Chris Kelsey

Corn Meal Dance
William Parker/Raining On The Moon

July/August 2007    Albums    By Chris Kelsey

Summer Snow, Volume 2
William Parker & Hamid Drake

August 2008    Albums    By Brent Burton

17 Musicians in Search of a Sound: Darfur
Bill Dixon

June 2007    Albums    By Chris Kelsey

David S. Ware Quartet

September 2008    Albums    By Steve Greenlee

Eri Yamamoto

November 2008    Albums    By Brent Burton

Double Sunrise Over Neptune
William Parker

December 2008    Albums    By Steve Greenlee

Petit Oiseau
William Parker Quartet

March 2009    Albums    By Steve Greenlee

David S. Ware

03/10/10    Albums    By Scott Verrastro

Today on Earth
Joe Morris Quartet

05/02/10    Albums    By Lyn Horton

Throat I-VII
Little Women

November 2010    Albums    By Michael J. West

David S. Ware

11/03/10    Albums    By Lyn Horton

Mike Pride’s From Bacteria To Boys

May 2011    Albums    By Mike Shanley

Cosmic Lieder
Darius Jones/Matthew Shipp

04/15/11    Albums    By Lyn Horton

Cosmic Lieder
Darius Jones/Matthew Shipp

07/22/11    Albums    By Mike Shanley

Planetary Unknown
David S. Ware/Cooper-More/William Parker/Muhmmad Ali

08/12/11    Albums    By Mike Shanley

Out of This World’s Distortions
Farmers by Nature

11/17/11    Albums    By Carlo Wolff

Big Gurl (Smell My Dream)
Darius Jones Trio

05/16/12    Albums    By Shaun Brady

Book of Mae’bul (Another Kind of Sunrise)
Darius Jones Quartet

05/14/12    Albums    By Shaun Brady

The Next Page
Eri Yamamoto Trio

09/29/12    Albums    By Shaun Brady

Joe Morris/William Parker/Gerald Cleaver

10/16/12    Albums    By Scott Verrastro

Live At Jazzfestival Saalfelden 2011
David S. Ware/Planetary Unknown

01/13/13    Albums    By Mike Shanley

Grass Roots
Grass Roots

07/14/13    Albums    By Mike Shanley

Little Women

07/21/13    Albums    By Britt Robson

Eri Yamamoto Trio

07/20/13    Albums    By Shaun Brady

Drummer's Corpse
Mike Pride

07/20/13    Albums    By Shaun Brady

Drummer's Corpse
Mike Pride

12/14/13    Albums    By Shaun Brady

Gerald Cleaver: Five of His Best Recordings

01/15/14    Albums    By Steve Greenlee

Wood Flute Songs: Anthology/Live 2006-2012
William Parker

10/19/14    Albums    By Mike Shanley

The Darkseid Recital
Darius Jones & Matthew Shipp

10/26/14    Albums    By Mike Shanley

The Darkseid Recital
Darius Jones & Matthew Shipp

11/12/14    Albums    By Britt Robson

Love and Ghosts
Farmers By Nature

01/02/14    Albums    By Britt Robson

The Oversoul Manual
Darius Jones

10/14/15    Albums    By Steve Greenlee

For Those Who Are, Still
William Parker

12/04/15    Albums    By Steve Greenlee

Le Bebe de Brigitte (Lost in Translation)
Darius Jones Quartet Featuring Emilie Lesbros

01/25/16    Albums    By Steve Greenlee

Great Spirit
William Parker/Raining on the Moon

01/11/16    Albums    By Steve Greenlee

Birth of a Being
David S. Ware/Apogee

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