Metonic Records

Street 101 West 12th Street
City New York
Postcode 10011
State New York
Country USA
Email [email protected]
Year founded 2005
Description Metonic Records, an independent music label founded by Manuel T. Engel - in collaboration with the Trash KollekTiv - in early 2005. The moon circles the earth around 13 times a year while the earth travels around the sun. The points where the orbit of the moon intersect the Ecliptic are called the south and north lunar nodes – also known as the Metonic Cycle – move slowly in retrograde motion on the Ecliptic. These nodes complete one circuit of the Ecliptic in about 18.4 years. This cycle is what makes it possible to predict Eclipses, which happen when the new or full moons occur close to the nodel crossing points. Each album release takes one on such a journey. Metonic Records promotes NEW MUSIC, providing inspiration to those willing to expand and effect change.
Version 1. Last edited by Manuel Engel

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