Enja Records

Street PO Box 190333
City Munich
Postcode D-8063
Phone 011-49-89-16777
Fax 011-49-89-167-8810
Email [email protected]
Url www.enjarecords.com
Version 2.

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January/February 1997    BlueTones    By Bill Milkowski

Nature Of The Beast
Michael Formanek

October 1997    Albums    By Jim Ferguson

Nature Of The Beast
Michael Formanek

November 1998    Albums    By Patricia Myers

The Battle of the Tenors
Eddie Harris and Wendell Harrison

June 1997    Albums    By John Murph

Jazz Africa
Gail Thompson

June 1997    Albums    By Jim Ferguson

I Remember You; The Legacy, Volume 2
Chet Baker

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Renaud Garcia-Fons

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Here on Earth
Ingrid Jensen

March 2005    Brass Tracks    By Mike Shanley

Here on Earth
Ingrid Jensen

November 1997    Briefs    By Jack Sohmer

Aldo Romano Quartet

November 1997    Briefs    By Jeff Kaliss

Carlos Martins

December 1997    Albums    By Ron Welburn

The Meltdown
Jonny King

April 1998    Albums    By Chuck Berg

Birdland Birthday/Live at 95
Benny Waters

April 2000    Albums    By Josef Woodard

Marty Ehrlich/Peter Erskine/Michael Formanek

March 2003    Albums    By Thomas Conrad

African Symphony
Abdullah Ibrahim

January/February 2009    Albums    By Will Smith

Deep Lee
Lee Konitz/Minsarah

04/02/10    Albums    By Brenton Plourde

La Linea del Sur
Renaud Garcia-Fons

01/11/12    Albums    By Shaun Brady

Suno Suno
Rez Abbasi's Invocation

01/08/12    Albums    By Bill Milkowski

Malcolm Braff

06/19/12    Albums    By Lloyd Sachs

New Blues
Aki Takase

09/06/12    Albums    By Thomas Conrad

Cycladic Moods
Franco Ambrosetti

12/18/12    Albums    By Lloyd Sachs

Continuous Beat
Rez Abbasi Trio

12/27/12    Albums    By Mike Shanley

Florian Weber

01/18/13    Albums    By Jeff Tamarkin

Ron Miles

02/04/13    Albums    By Britt Robson

Long Way
Albare iTD

05/28/13    Albums    By Michael J. West

Circular Dreaming

07/01/13    Albums    By Thomas Conrad

Exploring the Vibe
Reut Regev's R*Time

10/01/14    Albums    By Thomas Conrad

Venture Bound
Alon Nechushtan

03/03/15    Albums    By Michael J. West

Intents and Purposes
Rez Abbasi Acoustic Quartet

08/06/15    Albums    By Christopher Loudon

But For Now
Bob Dorough Trio

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