Tippin' Records

Street P.O. Box 2173
City Astoria
Postcode 11102
State New York
Country USA
Phone 718-205-8794
Email [email protected]
Url www.tippinrecords.com
Year founded 2004
Description Tippin’ Records is dedicated to putting out the highest-quality of straight ahead jazz records possible. Based in New York City, Tippin’ Records is fortunate to be submerged within the rich cultural and musical community that houses many of the best jazz musicians in the world. During the present time, many people believe that straight ahead jazz is a thing of the past, something that has happened and is now over. While modern straight ahead jazz still incorporates all of the traditional aspects that have been set before us by the many masters of jazz, we at Tippin’ Records know that straight-ahead jazz is very much alive and is being played in a contemporary fashion congruent to the 21st century. What does tippin’ mean? Tippin’ is a term that jazz musicians use when the music that is being played is locked up rhythmically and really starts to swing. You usually know when this happens because you will commonly have chills run up and down your spine, or you will uncontrollably tap your feet or hands. Some people often feel like dancing. It’s a good feeling, a happy feeling. Tippin’ Records wants to present this kind of music to everyone for our enjoyment.
Version 1. Last edited by Pete Zimmer

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