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March 2003    Albums    By Harvey Siders

Quarteto Ache
Bobby Sanabria

March 2005    Albums    By Felix Contreras

Texas Rumba
Harvie S

September 2004    Albums    By Felix Contreras

Pablo Aslan

June 2004    Eighty-Eights    By Bill Milkowski

Mo' City Jungle
Keith Javors

November 2004    Drum Beat    By Bill Milkowski

Mango Festival
Sunny Jain Collective

July/August 2004    Saxophonics    By Chris Kelsey

In a Mellow Tone
David Liebman Group

January/February 2005    Albums    By David R. Adler

Rides Again
Trio Mundo

December 2004    Guitartistry    By Russell Carlson

Blue Horizon
Vic Juris

December 2004    Brazilian Tinge    By David R. Adler

Carlos Barbosa-Lima

April 2005    Albums    By Harvey Siders

Let Yourself Go
Judi Silvano

March 2005    Guitartistry    By Russell Carlson

Ellington Boulevard
Greg Skaff with Joe Farnsworth and Mike LeDonne

March 2005    Guitartistry    By Russell Carlson

Carlos Barbosa-Lima

May 2005    Albums    By Michael Edwards

The Jim Seeley/Arturo O'Farrill Quintet
The Jim Seeley/Arturo O'Farrill Quintet

May 2005    Guitartistry    By David R. Adler

Havana Blues Mambo
Pablo Menendez

June 2005    Vox    By Christopher Loudon

Simone Kopmajer

July/August 2005    Albums    By Steve Kiviat

Haitian Creole Jazz

October 2005    Albums    By David Franklin

Manhattan Dialogues
David Liebman and Phil Markowitz

October 2005    Eighty-Eights    By Steve Futterman

Live in Brooklyn
Arturo O'Farrill

October 2005    Albums    By David R. Adler

Big City
Dave Stryker

January/February 2006    Guitartistry    By Bill Milkowski

Greasy Street
Richie Hart

March 2006    Albums    By Owen Cordle

Hilary Noble and Rebecca Cline

April 2006    Albums    By Thomas Conrad

Cubist Music
Edsel Gomez

April 2006    Albums    By Bill Milkowski

Carlos Barbosa-Lima

May 2006    Drum Beat    By Bill Milkowski

Samba Jazz in Black & White
Duduka Da Fonseca Quintet

May 2006    Vox    By Christopher Loudon

Roots, Blues & Jazz
Bonnie Bramlett

July/August 2006    Drum Beat    By Bill Milkowski

Absolute Quintet
Dafnis Prieto

September 2006    Saxophonics    By David Franklin

Walkin' With the Wazmo
Jerry Vivino

December 2006    Albums    By Scott Albin

Vienna Dialogues
David Liebman & Bobby Avey

December 2006    Afro-Cuban Grooves    By Rebeca Mauleón

Funky Cha
Harvie S

June 2008    Vox    By Christopher Loudon

It’s Happenin’

May 2008    Albums    By Scott Albin

Hendrik Meurkens

April 2007    Albums    By Mike Joyce

Latest Outlook
The Stryker/Slagle Band

May 2007    Albums    By Scott Albin

New York Samba Jazz Quintet
Hendrik Meurkens

June 2007    Albums    By Will Smith

Rez Abbasi

October 2007    Albums    By Owen Cordle

A Whole New Ballgame
Boots Randolph

August 2008    Albums    By Jeff Tamarkin

Song for Chico
Arturo O’Farrill & the Afro-Latin Jazz Orchestra

June 2007    Albums    By Chris Heim

Buenos Aires Tango Standards
Pablo Aslan

July/August 2007    Eighty-Eights    By Thomas Conrad

Hector Martignon

September 2008    Eighty-Eights    By Thomas Conrad

Brazilian Trio

December 2008    Albums    By George Kanzler

The Scene
The Stryker/Slagle Band

March 2009    Albums    By Will Smith

It Amazes Me
Bob Mover

March 2009    Albums    By Rebeca Mauleón

In These Shoes
Arturo O’Farrill & Claudia Acuña

04/24/09    Albums    By Larry Reni Thomas

Steve Haines Quintet with Jimmy Cobb

09/15/09    Albums    By John Schu

Steve Haines Quintet with Jimmy Cobb

09/16/09    Albums    By John Schu

East Harlem Skyline
Greg Skaff

May 2011    Albums    By Jeff Tamarkin

Scott Feiner & Pandeiro Jazz

May 2011    Albums    By Bill Milkowski

Giant Peach
The O'Farrill Brothers

07/29/11    Albums    By Philip Booth

40 Acres and a Burro
Arturo O'Farrill & the Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra

10/12/11    Albums    By Bill Milkowski

The Other Duke: Tribute to Duke Pearson

12/27/11    Albums    By Bill Milkowski

Watch Out!
Mambo Legends Orchestra

01/27/12    Albums    By Thomas Conrad

Plays Toninho Horta
Duduka Da Fonseca

04/23/12    Albums    By Mike Joyce

Triple Play Plus Three
Bill O'Connell

08/22/12    Albums    By Philip Booth

Hendrik Meurkens/Gabriel Espinosa

10/29/12    Albums    By Britt Robson

The Noguchi Sessions
Arturo O'Farrill

05/25/13    Albums    By Christopher Loudon

Maucha Adnet & Helio Alves

07/25/13    Albums    By Philip Booth


12/13/13    Albums    By Bill Meredith

Sly Reimagined: The Music of Sly and the Family Stone
Global Noize

01/28/14    Albums    By Mike Shanley

Manuel Valera & New Cuban Express

02/05/14    Albums    By Brad Farberman

I Go Humble
Travis Sullivan’s Björkestra

09/27/14    Albums    By Christopher Loudon

Soulful Days
Vanessa Perea

01/12/15    Albums    By Owen Cordle

Angel Eyes
Afro Bop Alliance

06/27/15    Albums    By Allen Morrison

Jive Samba
Duduka da Fonseca

08/29/15    Albums    By Thomas Conrad

Forced Displacement
Samuel Torres Group

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