Clean Feed

Street Rua Do Alecrim 21-A
City Lisboa
Postcode 1200-014
Country Portugal
Phone +351213423140
Email [email protected]
Year founded 2001
Description Clean Feed was founded in 2001 to release Portuguese and foreign musicians in separate and cooperative projects. The label was also created facing the whole world as its operating ground, taking advantage of the internet revolution and the increasing global music market. Very quickly, Clean Feed found itself at the vortex of the international creative jazz scene, releasing projects that reached far beyond what we could initially imagine. In eight years Clean Feed reached the impressive mark of 150 releases, featuring works by outstanding creative musicians. 2009 reveals itself as yet another turning point for the label, with its distribution reaching as far as Japan, USA, Canada, Germany, France, Norway, UK, Spain, France, Poland, Belgium and Switzerland. Clean Feed aims at recording innovative contemporary jazz projects that can make a difference, building a catalogue that will be internationally recognized by its quality and coherence. In 2009, for its 8th anniversary, Clean Feed will release not only a lot of great new music, but will do other activities that hopefully will contribute to spread the word about this project and its artists such as the Clean Feed Festival IV in New York, Spain, Holland and possibly presences in Chicago, Ljubljana, Stockholm and Oslo. Made in Lisbon
Version 1. Last edited by Pedro Costa

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