Playscape Recordings

Street 64 Belleclaire Avenue, 1st Floor
City Longmeadow
Postcode 01106
State MA
Country USA
Phone 413-567-7967
Fax 413-567-7967
Email [email protected]
Year founded 1999
Version 1. Last edited by Chuck Berg

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May 2001    Albums    By Duck Baker

Mario Pavone

July/August 2001    Albums    By Nancy Ann Lee

Motion Poetry
Mario Pavone/Michael Musillami

July/August 2001    Albums    By Nancy Ann Lee

Groove Teacher
Michael Musillami

June 2002    Saxophonics    By David Franklin

Event #6
Ted Levine

April 2002    Albums    By Harvey Pekar

Op Ed
Mario Pavone/Michael Musillami

April 2002    Albums    By Bill Shoemaker

Michael Pavone

December 2002    Bassology    By Harvey Siders

Mario Pavone Nu Trio/Quintet

October 2002    Albums    By Jim Ferguson

Part Pitbull
Michael Musillami

May 2003    Albums    By John Litweiler

Tom Christensen

May 2003    Albums    By Ron Wynn

Michael Musillami/Mario Pavone

June 2003    Albums    By Ron Wynn

George Schuller Schulldogs

May 2004    Albums    By Harvey Siders

Harmony of Odd Numbers
Monk's Music Trio

April 2004    Saxophonics    By David Franklin

Night Sounds
Ted Levine with Peter Madsen

May 2004    Albums    By Aaron Steinberg

Mario Pavone Nu Trio/Quintet

May 2004    Albums    By Aaron Steinberg

Those Times
Michael Musillami

May 2004    Albums    By John Litweiler

Quartet Language
Armen Donelian

November 2004    Albums    By Aaron Steinberg

Round Bout Now
George Schuller

December 2004    Guitartistry    By Russell Carlson

Michael Musillami Octet

January/February 2005    Bassics    By Ron Wynn

Mario Pavone

July/August 2005    Albums    By Aaron Steinberg

New York School
Tom Christensen

March 2006    Guitartistry    By David R. Adler

Michael Musillami Trio

December 2005    Albums    By Nate Chinen

Michael Attias

June 2006    Albums    By Brent Burton

Deez to Blues
Mario Pavone Sextet

October 2006    Countercurrents    By Chris Kelsey

Thomas Chapin Trio

November 2006    Albums    By Bill Milkowski

Fragile Forms
Michael Musillami's Dialect

June 2008    Albums    By Mike Shanley

Like Before, Somewhat After
George Schuller’s Circle Wide

March 2007    Undertones    By Forrest Dylan Bryant

Waits & Measurements
Pete Robbins

November 2007    Albums    By Michael J. West

The Treatment
Michael Musillami Trio with Mark Feldman

August 2008    Albums    By Steve Greenlee

Trio Arc
Mario Pavone

December 2008    Albums    By Chris Kelsey

Mario Pavone Double Tenor Quintet

April 2011    Albums    By Lloyd Sachs

Arc Suite T/Pi T/Po
Mario Pavone Orange Double Tenor

02/05/12    Albums    By Sharonne Cohen

Out of This World
Ted Rosenthal Trio

05/17/12    Albums    By Bill Milkowski

Michael Musillami Trio + 4

10/19/12    Albums    By Bill Milkowski

Gravity of Love
Peter Madsen's Seven Sins Ensemble

04/08/13    Albums    By Mike Shanley

Never Let Me Go: Quartets ’95 & ’96
Thomas Chapin

12/20/13    Albums    By Carlo Wolff

Ted Rosenthal Trio

02/25/14    Albums    By Britt Robson

Arc Trio
Mario Pavone

06/21/14    Albums    By Britt Robson

Rhapsody In Gershwin
Ted Rosenthal Trio

01/02/15    Albums    By Matt R. Lohr

Michael Musillami

02/05/16    Albums    By Britt Robson

Michael Musillami

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