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November 1997    Albums    By Doug Ramsey

Jazz Music, Vol. X
The Fensters

September 1999    Briefs    By Duck Baker

Turquoise Ocean
George A. Johnson, Jr.

November 1999    Briefs    By Sunsh Stein

Compositions Coast to Coast
Chuck Bergeron

December 1999    Albums    By Ron Welburn

Electrifying Miles
Umo Jazz Orchestra

January/February 2000    Albums    By Sunsh Stein

Not Just Another Pretty Bass
Jim Ferguson

January/February 2000    Albums    By Bill Bennett

Trance Dance
Bill Kirchner Nonet

March 2000    Albums    By Owen Cordle

Years Gone By
Franck Amsallem

March 2000    Albums    By Jim Ferguson

Royce Campbell

May 2000    Albums    By Sunsh Stein

Christian Eckert Quartet

May 2000    Albums    By Joel Siegel

When September Comes
Lisa Michel

May 2000    Albums    By Bill Bennett

Now Becoming Then
Dave Pietro

May 2000    Albums    By Josef Woodard

In a Sentimental Mood
Hendrik Meurkens and New York Samba Jazz All-Stars

May 2000    Briefs    By Harvey Siders

Just One of Those Things
Rob Sudduth

July/August 2000    Albums    By Duck Baker

So You Say
Jim Cifelli New York Nonet

September 2000    Albums    By Duck Baker

Things for Now
Jim Knapp Orchestra

September 2000    Albums    By Sunsh Stein

Made in NYC
Joey Berkley Quartet

September 2000    Albums    By Sunsh Stein

Martin Wind

September 2000    Albums    By Nancy Ann Lee

Jan Leder

May 2001    Albums    By Miles Jordan

New York Nights
Hendrik Meurkens

July/August 2001    Albums    By Doug Ramsey

Conviction (Thoughts of Bill Evans)
Roseanna Vitro

December 2000    Albums    By Duck Baker

One More Time
UMO Jazz Orchestra/Kenny Wheeler/Norma Winstone

December 2000    Albums    By Harvey Siders

Belgian Suites
Ivan Paduart

December 2000    Albums    By Joel Siegel

Look No Further
Diane Hubka

April 2002    Albums    By John Murph

Standard Wonder
Dave Pietro

November 2002    Books    By Doug Ramsey

Stardust Melody: Beloved and Rare Songs of Hoagy Carmichael
Various Artists

June 2003    Guitartistry    By Jim Ferguson

North Light
Steven Kirby

June 2004    Saxophonics    By David Franklin

Embrace: Impressions of Brazil
Dave Pietro

September 2004    Vox    By Christopher Loudon

Tropical Postcards
Roseanna Vitro

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