Wavetone Records

City Warwick
State New York
Country USA
Email [email protected]
Url http://www.wavetone.com
Year founded 1992
Description Wavetone Records was founded in 1992 by bassist, composer and producer Mark Egan as an outlet for creative recording projects. The label specializes in contemporary jazz and features such artists as Elements, Danny Gottlieb, Mark Egan, Joe Beck, Bill Evans, Vinnie Colaiuta, Jeff Ciampa, Jeff Laibson and many others. Wavetone Records has established woldwide distribution through City Hall distributors in the USA and BHM in Europe. A large portion of its target audience consists of progressive music listeners of all ages who are looking for cutting edge music. The first releases were recordings by the group Elements as well as Mosaic, Mark's first solo recording. Since inception Wavetone has released 12 titles worldwide. Wavetone Records Catalog: Elements- Far East Volume 1&2 Mark Egan- Mosaic Mark Egan- Freedom Town Mark Egan-Beyond Words Mark Egan- Truth Be Told Elements- Untold Stories Joe Beck- Finger Painting Laibson, Egan, Gottlieb Trio Jeff Ciampa- Signs of Life Jeff Ciampa- House of Mirrors
Version 1. Last edited by Mark Egan

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