Scot Albertson - Host of "Carousel" Interview Show - Guest - Bassist Mark Egan - Second Part Interview

Aug 01, 2012 09:30 PM - 10:00 PM

Scot, Host of "Carousel" Cable TV Interview Show (, interviews Bassist & Composer Mark Egan ( This Interview is the second of two. Scot invited Mark as a Guest of the Show splitting Mark's prolific Music Career into the Two Interviews. This Interview will be aired Wed. August 1st @ 9:30p.m. & repeated Friday August 3rd @ 12:30p.m. on Public Access Cable Channel 88 on Cablevision ( in Fairfield County Connecticut. Video of Mark with his own Band performing in Slovakia with Guitarist John Abercrombie & Drummer Anthony Pinciotti included! Scot & Mark talk of Mark's accomplishments as a Band Leader, Producer, Mark's own Record Label (Wavetone), Mark's own Recording Studio (Electric Fields) & as a Solo Artist. They also talk of a poster of a Pat Metheny Group Concert Scot attended back in the early 1980's that brought Scot & Mark together to record on Scot's Debut CD "Got A Date With Fate" with Pianist Jon Werklng & Drummer Danny Gottlieb in 2003. Mark's First Interview can be viwed on as of Monday July 30th in its' entirety. Video Footage in the First Interview of Mark performing with the original Pat Metheny Group in Onkel Po's in Hamburg, Germany included! Produced by Joyce Fischman & Scot Albertson.
Upcoming Guest - Guitarist Joe Carter ( spotlighting Joe's NEW CD "Both Sides Of The Equator". & [email protected]

Cablevision Studio

Norwalk CT 06851

Featured Artists

Scot Albertson and Mark Egan

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