Roulette Presents: Marco Cappelli’s IDR With Special Guest: DJ Logic

Mar 01, 2012 08:00 AM - 11:00 AM

What: IDR feat: Marco Cappelli, guitars, Doug Wieselman, clarinets, Jose` Davila, trombone and tuba, Ken Filiano, double bass, Jim Pugliese, drums, Special Guest: DJ Logic, turntables

Brooklyn, NY: Roulette presents Marco Cappelli’s IDR (Italian Doc Remix) , March 1st at 8pm. IDR is a project created by Marco Cappelli & Jim Pugliese and for this concert will feature special guest, DJ Logic. An artistic exchange between Cappelli and Pugliese, IDR attempts to reflect the process of memory’s distortion of the second/third immigrants generation, living in the New York, cultural melting pot. IDR intends to express firm traditional backgrounds and present the audience with a strong sense of culture, geography and chronology

About IDR - A note from Marco Cappelli & Jim Pugliese
IDR is a musical project in search of a bond in a world of emigrants and emigration where traditions flow back and forth sometimes altered and sometimes overlapping. The fact that the ritual music of Southern Italy is the subject of this search happened by chance and was brought about by the fortuitous meeting of two musicians who for various reasons share the devotion to this music and these traditions. But the more important principal is our intuition that ritual music and free improvisation share many aspects of the musical and compositional process. For us IDR represents the sonorous materialization of a mysterious association of ideas we had when, attending the Carnival of Montemarano or the Festivity of the Gigli in Nola, we imagined and felt as we where in the midst of a session of Albert Ayler...

Nowdays, after a few years of sleep, Roulette gives to us the occasion to take IDR back to life. We want to thank both Roulette and our audience and fans by giving life to an old project suggested by somebody who told us that "Federico Fellini would have certainly used IDR sound for his movies". That's why we will premiere some new music freely inspired by the great composer Nino Rota.

Roulette, 509 Atlantic Ave

Brooklyn New York 11215

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Marco Cappelli

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