Pablo Mayor's Folklore Urbano Orchestra

Modern Colombian music is redefined in fresh, lively, provocative dimensions every time Pablo Mayor -Folklor e Ur bano hits the stage. This powerhouse 12-member orchestra seamlessly fuses the danceable swing of traditional Colombian rhythms with the lush subtleties of contemporary jazz harmonies and unique arrangements. The ensemble is driven by a rhythm section deeply grounded in traditional Colombian music. Like a feisty chef, leader Pablo Mayor then adds explosive horns and soaring, colorful vocalists to produce a tasty, sultry, addictive blend!

Pablo Mayor -Folklor e Ur bano is the innovative project of Colombian bandleader, pianist, composer, and arranger Pablo Mayor . The group’s three highly-acclaimed CD’s, Aviso, Baile/Dance, and the latest Corazón, have been broadcast throughout the World.


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