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04/21/16    Before & After

Before & After with Trevor Dunn

Listening wide, from A to Zappa


01/07/16    Albums

A Love Supreme: The Complete Masters
John Coltrane

Veteran jazz fans probably do not often listen to A Love Supreme , saxophonist John Coltrane’s unfathomably important 1965 album of passionate, spiritual jazz. They internalized the LP, performed by Trane’s “Classic Quartet”—pianist McCoy Tyner, bassist...


12/05/15    Features

Billy Martin’s Graphic Scores: Redefining Notated Music

A picture is worth a thousand notes


08/01/15    Overdue Ovation

Overdue Ovation for Tisziji Muñoz

At peace, but never at rest


07/21/15    Albums

Let the Bells Ring On
Charlie Hunter Trio

Let the Bells Ring On , the vigorous first album from seven-string guitarist Charlie Hunter’s trio with drummer Bobby Previte and trombonist Curtis Fowlkes, is, on paper, a pretty transparent work. “Anthem USA” takes from rock music; “Hillbilly Heroine Chic”...


07/05/15    Albums

The Purge

DRKWAV, the trio of keyboardist John Medeski, drummer Adam Deitch and saxophonist Skerik, is a vibe band. There is little in the way of harmony, melody or arrangement on The Purge , its debut album. Instead, there is the way the music feels: bleak, foreboding...


06/30/15    Albums

The Straight Horn of Africa: A Path to Liberation
Sam Newsome

On soprano saxophonist Sam Newsome’s The Straight Horn of Africa: A Path to Liberation , the second entry in his The Art of the Soprano series, one hears, in addition to the leader’s ax, the sounds of mbira , synthesizer, flute and clarinet. But that’s all...


06/20/15    Albums

Rhodes Ahead, Vol. 2
Marc Cary

Marc Cary’s Rhodes Ahead Vol. 2 will do things to you. This is not a record that lives in a separate world from the listener. The leader’s Fender Rhodes electric piano will soothe you. Tarus Mateen’s deep electric bass will seduce you. And Terreon “Tank”...


06/18/15    Features

Kamasi Washington: Epic Proportions

Saxophonist goes for broke with his new three-disc release


06/05/15    Albums

In the Beginning
Wes Montgomery

Near the end of In the Beginning , the stunning new two-CD (or three-LP) set comprising early music from guitarist Wes Montgomery, tenor saxophonist Alonzo “Pookie” Johnson takes a solo on “All the Things You Are.” It’s a live show, the year is 1957, and...


05/25/15    Albums

The Song is My Story
Abdullah Ibrahim

The Song Is My Story , a gorgeous solo-piano album from the veteran South African musician Abdullah Ibrahim, is 17 tracks long. By jazz standards, it should be a two- or three-disc set. Instead, by the time the album has finished, only about 40 minutes have...


04/30/15    Features

The Bill Laswell Interview: Holding It Down

A rare chat with the bassist-producer


02/06/15    Overdue Ovation

Overdue Ovation for Alan Broadbent

The art of doing it all


01/26/15    Concerts

Concert Review: “The Nearness of You” at Jazz at Lincoln Center

An all-star ensemble and special guests pay tribute to Michael Brecker


12/31/14    Features

Afro-Cuban Ambitions

Jazz at Lincoln Center’s outsized season opener


12/17/14    Albums

Live at Smalls
David Berkman

The five releases covered in this review—albums from pianist David Berkman, guitarist Peter Bernstein, drummer Rodney Green, tenor saxophonist Scott Hamilton and singer-pianist Johnny O’Neal—were all recorded at the New York club Smalls in 2012 or 2013...

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