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02/01/12    Final Chorus

Ellington Moves Into Public School Systems

Nat Hentoff on ‘Riding on Duke’s Train’

12/30/11    Final Chorus

Expanding and Deepening the Jazz Legacy

The Jazz Foundation's many missions

12/12/11    Final Chorus

Nat Hentoff on the Jazz Foundation of America

When the jazz family is suffering


10/31/11    Final Chorus

Passing the Jazz Torch

How the non-profit JazzBoston creates new jazz generations

08/17/11    Final Chorus

Boston Awakens To Its Jazz Roots

JazzBoston exposes new listeners to the city’s vibrant music.

07/08/11    Final Chorus

Seeking Justice for Musicians in Jazz Clubs

Nat Hentoff on New York Local 802's efforts to improve benefits for jazz musicians

06/01/11    Final Chorus

Opening Kids' Minds and Lives to Music

Nat Hentoff on "el Sistema" - an innovative approach to teaching music to young people

May 2011    Final Chorus

NEA Jazz Masters No More?

Nat Hentoff riffs on the NEA's recent budget sent to Congress, eliminating the Jazz Masters program


April 2011    Final Chorus

Moody’s Lifelong Love Affair

Nat Hentoff on the legacy of saxophonist James Moody


02/10/11    Final Chorus

Luis Bonilla’s Waves of Jazz Exhilaration

Nat Hentoff is excited about young trombonist

November 2010    Final Chorus

Armand Hirsch and Other Young Masters

One of the greatest kicks in my autumnal years is suddenly finding a young jazz improviser who has simply “got it.” That’s why 20-year-old alto saxophonist Hailey Niswanger and 24-year-old Aaron Weinstein each have chapters in my new book, At the Jazz Band...

October 2010    Final Chorus

The St. Louis Blues

I’m too often startled by how much I’ve yet to learn about subjects I’ve covered throughout my life—for example, the blues. Along with writing sections on the blues in my books, I’ve recorded sessions with Otis Spann, Memphis Slim and Lightnin’ Hopkins...


08/06/10    Final Chorus

The Everlasting Louis Armstrong

Nat Hentoff on the educational programs of the Louis Armstrong House and Archives


July/August 2010    Final Chorus

A Fine Arts Museum’s Tribute to Nonpareil Miles

Nat Hentoff on We Want Miles Exhibit and Book

June 2010    Final Chorus

Teaching Satchmo & Duke to 7th Graders

Nat Hentoff on Mick Carlon and his approach to jazz appreciation for middle-schoolers

May 2010    Final Chorus

Jews in the Family of Jazz

For 60 years I’ve been waiting for a book that has finally been published in England: Jazz Jews by Mike Gerber (Five Leaves Publications; [email protected], contact: Ross Bradshaw). Ten years in the making—eight of them on research—with 7,000 names in...

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