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10/26/12    Community Articles

"Popular Jazz"

'The current market share of Jazz in America is only three percent! In its prime, Jazz once held two-thirds of the record sales in America and dominated the world, but it now struggles to hold even three percent.' Meanwhile, Pop and Rock music hold...

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About John Cronin


I am a Bass Player of two years and an avid Jazz fan (especially of Herbie Hancock). I typically like music that is more complicated, and anything too simple tends to bore me very quickly. This year, I am a senior in high school and am taking Synthesizer as an elective.

I have recently published an essay called "Popular Jazz" in which I discuss the unappreciated art of Jazz Music, it's unfortunate lack of current popularity, the reasons why Jazz holds such a small percentage of record sales, and my aspirations for Jazz in the future. I originally submitted it to my honors English class where it received high acclaim from my teacher and my peer-editing group. One member of this group brought the printed essay to the leader of the Jazz Band and Music Department who decided to share it with Jazz musicians throughout my school. Please check it out if you can; maybe you will see a little of yourself in it like my friends and teachers did.

I strongly believe in my affirmed stance on Jazz in the article, and I have a special respect for all Jazz fans and musicians. I have not formally studied Jazz Music myself yet, but I learn more every time I read, write, and especially listen to Jazz, the best music on Earth.

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