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October 2000    Albums

Fabio Morgera

Trumpeter Fabio Morgera has put together an inventive and tasteful recording of original tunes and classics that showcases the talents of his new ensemble, made up of young lions from New York who all swing on the same wavelength. Morgera's improvisational...

October 2000    Albums

The Final Answer to Everything
David Alan Gross

David Alan Gross asks the ultimate question about the meaning of life and searches for the answer quite capably with his alto, joined by pianist Michael Cochrane, bassist Eddie Gomez, drummer Bob Moses and guest guitarist Mike Stern. Gross plays with great...


June 2000    Briefs

Lenny Marcus Trio

Pianist-vocalist Marcus fronts a trio that plays jazz in a way that can be best described as infectious. Joining in with members Peter Ingram on drums and John Brown on bass (bassist Robbie Link sits in on four of the cuts) are major guests Sonny Fortune...


May 2000    Albums

Flying High
Vaughn Nark

This aptly named recording features trumpeter Vaughn Nark in the company he loves best-the U.S. Air Force's Airmen of Note big band, a group he has been associated with for more than 15 years. From the opening blasts of Dizzy Gillespie's "Lorraine," one...


May 2000    Albums

Sweet Paradox
Christoph Stiefel

Austrian pianist and composer Christoph Stiefel displays an engaging versatility and style on his latest recording, a trio date that clearly has his imprint from start to finish, whether doing some straightahead on "Be-Bob Sally," flexing his improv chops...


March 2000    Hearsay

Joyce Cooling

When guitarist Joyce Cooling’s debut recording came out in 1997, it headed for the top of the smooth jazz charts and she was rocketed into prominence as an “overnight sensation.” But “overnight” was really a period that lasted ten years, a time she spent...


January/February 2000    Hearsay

Roberta Piket

Pianist Roberta Piket gave up a career in the lucrative field of computer science in order to play and compose jazz, a move that cemented her resolve to maintain high standards of musical integrity. “I didn’t give up many of life’s material rewards in order...


January/February 2000    Label Watch

Label Watch: Nagel-Heyer Records

Like many other enterprises that just sort of come into being, Nagel-Heyer Records, of Hamburg, Germany, was never planned. The label’s gestation actually came about as a serendipitous byproduct of a commercial jazz radio station that had trouble making...

December 1999    Hearsay

Sarah Jane Cion

Pianist Sarah Jane Cion has developed a solid reputation for herself as a sideman and composer, but now, after finishing her second release, Moon Song, on the Naxos Jazz label, she’s focused on her role as a leader and being positioned to express herself...


December 1999    Hearsay

Keith Ailer

Vocalist Keith Ailer didn’t sing in front of an audience until he entered the University of the District of Columbia (UDC) about 12 years ago, but since then he’s performed at Blues Alley, the Kennedy Center, and Sweet Basil. He was also a semifinalist in...


November 1999    Features

Louie Bellson: Beat Poet

At age 75, rest assured that drummer Louie Bellson has not lost his touch. His gifts today remain as strong as ever, and he can still power a big band or groove with a small combo with his characteristic technique, style, and seeming ease. He is, in fact...


November 1999    Label Watch

Label Watch: Consolidated Artists

Even though pianist Mike Longo had connections with three major labels during the late 1970s, he was getting frustrated with the dictates of their managers: “They tried to rock and roll me to death,” he said. “All they kept asking for was jazz rock.” Longo’s...


October 1999    Albums

Ulterior Motif
Mat Marucci

Drummer Mat Marucci returns to recording after a seven-year hiatus with a challenging lineup of originals and standards that sparkle with swing, clarity, and invention. The opening title tune by Marucci sets the tone for the recording, with the soprano of...


October 1999    Hearsay

Francine Griffin

As a jazz vocalist, Francine “Song Bird” Griffin has worked with and dazzled many of the masters of bebop, from Tadd Dameron to Sonny Stitt. Yet despite their urgings for her to seek her fortune in New York, Griffin remained in Cincinnati raising a family...


October 1999    Hearsay

Steve Million

When Chicago-based pianist Steve Million first sat down at a piano, he started creating a tune of his own, and it’s a passion that’s never left him. Witness his new CD on the Palmetto Label, Truth Is. . . that contains nine of his original compositions...


October 1999    Hearsay

Ray Vega

Trumpeter Ray Vega has been on a career-long mission to make sure that the “jazz” in Latin jazz is the real thing. Growing up in the South Bronx, he was immersed in the native music of his Puerto Rican parents, but by age 15, his creative spirit shifted...

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