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09/20/16    Albums

Sundae + Mr. Goessl

Sundae + Mr. Goessl is more than a vintage duo, their authenticity and commitment to the genre rings true, and the genuineness shines through in their renditions of these classic gems. The duo takes you through delightfully fun romps, to late night after...


09/16/16    Albums

Larry Wilson

No Secrets No Lies is a daring and exhilarating merger of Jazz, Fusion, Soul, and Gospel. The music on the album is full of the deep tradition of Jazz, while still exploring genres and feels that are progressing the larger world of music forward. By blending...


09/02/16    Albums

Zach Larmer

Overall, Inner Circle displays that Larmer is a musician who implements a wide range of music from bebop to pop music, Motown, fusion and classical. His compositions are enjoyable and well thought-out and his playing is mature and insightful beyond his years...


08/22/16    Albums

Suzanne Dean

Overall, Come to Paradise may offer a mix of styles, but one that is purely enjoyable. Dean’s expertise as a composer weaves each tune into an overall journey of excellence, and certainly is a wholly calling card for this veteran composer.


07/03/16    Albums

Album Review: Sound Underground

Intimate and conversational, Sound Underground’s music draws on a broad range of influences including: swing, folk, Americana and Bulgarian folklore and sight such as: Ornette Coleman, Jimmy Giuffre, Joni Mitchell and Jim Hall to extract an inimitable and...


06/28/16    Albums

Enrique Haneine

Haneine is a forward reaching renaissance musician; with his mastery of multiple instruments, composing talents and leadership. This New York City musician is the definition of what jazz is about, evolving the music into something new and creative; pulling...


06/27/16    Albums

Album Review: Michael Fiorino and Ensemble 456

Fiorino has evolved to be one of Chicago’s most in demand musicians with his versatile style, riffing abilities and his musical wit, with an unmistakable understanding of the architecture of a support and energetic bassline.


06/24/16    Albums

Album Review: The Cookers

“The idea of The Cookers is to bring them to greater prominence, and a big part of that is this incredible legacy of their compositions." Excellent recording, two thumbs up; Must have!


02/13/16    Albums

Kevin Bachelder and Jason Lee Bruns

Bachelder and Bruns have really put together a great project and offer a classy delivery of an enjoyable collection of tunes. Cherry Avenue includes original compositions and great versions of standards. The band is excellent and everyone plays from the...

01/22/16    Albums

Glauco Lima

In creating this project, Lima proves to be an expert in the art of musical transfiguration. The familiar is truly born anew in the hands of this master and this project is an excellent blend of all things musical about jazz-Latin marriages. Once Upon...

11/30/15    Albums

Northwest +1

The entire project is very memorable and with an obvious nod to the ever-popular Adderley brothers sound, the uniqueness of the ensembles command of today's modern jazz language is what sets this project apart and make it refreshingly musical.

11/20/15    Albums

Andrea Wood

Wood is what is exciting about this generation of jazz; the shear command of her instrument is present and evident in every cut. Her versatility is cutting edge and her song-crafting is mature and skilled. This being Wood’s second offering to date shows...

11/20/15    Albums

Andrew DiRuzza

I was quite taken by the music of Shapes and Analogies and even more impressed by DiRuzza, a gifted jazz guitarist and star in the making. The album is a clear winner worth repeated spins and guaranteed to add a wonderful dimension to any jazz collection.

11/09/15    Albums

Gene Ess, Eternal Monomyth

Eternal Monomyth is Ess’ musical statement about the harmonious journey taken by a hero. The term Monomyth originated with the great American mind, teacher, and philosopher, Joseph Campbell. Ess, our musical hero, unfolds a journey that is very human and...

10/02/15    Albums

Beat Funktion

Lantz has composed music that integrates jazz, funk and groove for the Beat Funktion sound from its inception. In this respect, Beat Funktion remains true to the roots of jazz, embracing the articulations and rhythms through its harmonic language and transcending...

09/24/15    Albums

Aimée Allen

Today we listen to jazz singers and hear a combination of contemporary gospel, R&B mixed with jazz and there are shows that like to critique each vocalist style like: The Voice, American Idol or BET's Sunday Best. Allen’s got the goods to deliver in the...

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