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11/13/12    Community Articles

Avishai Cohen with Nitai Hershkovitz Duende

Top-flight musicianship shines, but everything’s a little too neat on these duets.


11/07/12    Community Articles

Ivo Neame Yatra

Marks Neame’s ascent to a stratospheric level as composer, arranger and bandleader.


10/30/12    Community Articles

Tania Maria's 'Tempo' Is Brazilian Jazz At Its Finest

Charmingly intimate, Tania Maria's Tempo is amazing.


10/09/12    Community Articles

Paradoxical Frog Union

Just about the only negative observation to be made regarding this album is that its makers’ chosen name suggests that they might be a progressive rock band from darkest 1973. The reality is far removed from that premise


09/19/12    Community Articles

Brad Mehldau Trio Where Do You Start Review

This is a very swift follow-up to Ode, released only six months earlier. Pianist Mehldau must be making up for lost time, as the present trio has not been as prolifically documented as its previous line-up.


09/10/12    Community Articles

Espen Eriksen Trio What Took You So Long - Review.

It’s inevitable, but Espen Eriksen’s trio will draw comparisons to other Scandinavian groups operating with the same piano-led formation.


09/10/12    Community Articles

Raphael Saadiq Stone Rollin’

It’s always nice to hear a soul singer who genuinely revels in the job title, and Raphael Saadiq has taken his responsibilities seriously for some 20 years now: first as one third of the nu-soul vocal trio Tony! Toni! Toné!,


08/12/12    Community Articles

What is Brazilian jazz?

Today we can certainly talk about a Brazilian Jazz, and with initial capital letters. Verify its existence is not a problem. Have set it is something much more difficult.

07/11/12    Community Articles

Esbjörn Svensson Trio - 301 (Posthumous release)

Following on from Leucocyte, 301 is the second posthumous release from the Esbjörn Svensson Trio since the pianist’s tragic death in 2008. Like Leucocyte, this album is taken from sessions recorded at Sydney’s Studio 301 and points tantalisingly towards...

07/04/12    Community Articles

Miles Davis. Why so genius ?

Kind of Blue isn't merely an artistic highlight for Miles Davis, it's an album that towers above its peers, a record generally considered as the definitive jazz album, a universally acknowledged standard of excellence. Why does Kind of Blue posses such a...

06/26/12    Community Articles

Ivan Lins: A First Look at Amoragio, his new album

Album pointed by rhythmic diversity, Amorágio has the status of an unreleased album, recycling old themes with the procutor Rodrigo Vidal some musics seem to be new. Some have been written by the composer from Rio over its 42-year career, the fashion event...

06/20/12    Community Articles

Nilson Matta's Brazilian Voyage.

How it is possible that bassist Nilson Matta is allowed to fly so low under the proverbial radar, with recognition coming mainly from his peers, is one of those mysteries that artists have to learn to live with. Meanwhile, Matta has been complementing the...

06/12/12    Community Articles

Smooth Chick Corea's first day of the BMW Jazz Festival

Cold and rainy night, full house, two good shows and a special presentation. These were the ingredients of the first day of the BMW Jazz Festival on Friday (8) at Via Funchal in São Paulo, which had the trio Corea, Clarke & White, led by pianist Chick...

05/25/12    Community Articles

Mozar Terra. The best Brazil has to show when comes to jazz piano.

With over thirty years of experience with work in Brazil and abroad, Mozar Earth, composer, arranger and pianist, released her first CD of Composition Notebook. A gift for your audience, which has all the originality and his language distinctly Brazilian...

05/21/12    Community Articles

Toninho Horta. Something to remember!

Member of a generation of musicians that came with the Miners Club Corner, guitarist Antonio Mauricio Horta de Melo made ​​his debut in 1969 in the studio, recording with Nivaldo Ornellas. But it was only three years after it began to attract attention...

05/11/12    Community Articles

Badi Assad: One of a kind.

Mariangela Assad Simao christened, was born in 1966 in São João da Boa Vista (SP), then moving to Rio de Janeiro, where he stayed until age 12. His father George, of Lebanese descent, decided to move his family to Rio in 1969 to provide Badi brothers, Sergio...

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