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08/28/13    JazzHeaven Videos

Kenny Werner: Revisiting Effortless Mastery

Jazz teaching guru shares his wisdom about playing music


06/29/12    JazzHeaven Videos

Eric Harland Drum Lesson: Having Fun in 21/8

The prolific jazz drummer shares odd-meter wisdom


06/17/12    JazzHeaven Videos

Oz Noy's Video Lesson on Minor Pentatonic Scale

Guitar wiz shares his unique approach to improvisation

02/27/12    JazzHeaven Videos

Jerry Bergonzi: It's Not What You Play, but How You Play

Video excerpt of saxophonist and educator playing all the "wrong notes"—on purpose

02/07/12    JazzHeaven Videos

Ralph Peterson: Getting the Gig with Michael Brecker

Video excerpt of master drummer explaining "what it takes to get the gig"


01/26/12    JazzHeaven Videos

Lee Konitz: Singing & Playing It

Video excerpt of sax icon demonstrating Sing & Play Exercise, accompanied by Dan Tepfer

01/19/12    JazzHeaven Videos

Jean-Michel Pilc: True Jazz Improvisation

Video excerpt of pianist discussing playing melodies vs. playing intervals

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About Falk Willis


JazzHeaven.com Founder & CEO Falk Willis had been a professional Jazz Drummer himself for 14 years, playing with the likes of Kurt Rosenwinkel, Mark Turner & Kenny Wheeler, as well as running his own businesses for 10 years after that.

The idea for all of this was born, when he asked himself the question "what would be a DREAM COME TRUE for the aspiring jazz drummer/bassist/pianist, etc.?"

Having been a young aspiring jazz musician himself two decades earlier, the answer was easy:

A website with many of today's leading jazz musicians giving online lessons, with rock-solid how-to information on Jazz Improvisation - accessible instantly, no matter where one lives!

After over 2 years of pretty much non-stop work with a kick-butt team of videographers, video editors & audio engineers, buying lots of great video & audio recording gear, robbing a couple of banks in the process, and setting up a dedicated video recording studio in Brooklyn, NY, the first 31 videos were filmed, and the first How to Play Jazz Videos ready for release:

Kenny Werner: Effortless Mastery The 4 Steps
Kenny Werner: Effortless Mastery of Melody, Harmony & Rhythm Jazz Instructional Video
Jerry Bergonzi: Creating a Jazz Vocabulary Vol. 1 How to Play Jazz Lesson
Jerry Bergonzi: Creating a Jazz Vocabulary Vol. 2 How to Play Jazz Lesson
Lee Konitz: Talking & Playing Jazz Improvisation Lesson
Jean-Michel Pilc: True Jazz Improvisation
Eric Harland: The Yin & Yang of Jazz Drumming
Ralph Peterson: Jazz Drumming Demystified
Ari Hoenig: Melodic Drumming Jazz Drums Lesson
Oz Noy: Guitar Improvisation Workout
Oz Noy: Play-Along Workout Guitar Instructional DVD

Upcoming (already filmed) instructional videos will feature: Kenny Werner, Oz Noy, Ingrid Jensen, Mike Clark & Paul Jackson, Vincent Herring, Lage Lund, Gilad Hekselman, Geoffrey Keezer, Enrico Pieranunzi, Walt Weiskopf, David Kikoski, Sergio Brandao, Lincoln Goines, Portinho, Joel Frahm, Jamey Haddad & many more to come.

Each instructional video features a lesson part of at least 90 minutes (some considerably longer), as well as a 60-minute interview with the artist.

JazzHeaven.com Jazz Lessons are available in the following formats:
* DVD (region-free, shipping world-wide)
* Streaming Online Video (just like a YouTube video, but with username/password)
* Version for MOBILE devices (iPhone/iPod/iPad/Android)

Great care & attention to detail was given to match the level of production quality of these Jazz Courses to the fantastic level of the JazzHeaven.com artists.

JazzHeaven.com also features multiple free video excerpts from its various full-length videos to give site visitors a clear idea of the full-length videos.

Check out JazzHeaven.com to experience learning from the finest Jazz Musicians around, no matter where you live!

Falk Willis joined the JazzTimes community on Jan 10, 2012