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10/12/13    iRockJazz Video

Victor Goines: Jazz & the Democratic Process

iRockJazz interview with saxophonist and educator about jazz and its impact on society

10/10/13    iRockJazz Video

Musician to Musician Advice

iRockJazz interviews with various artists who provide career advice to fellow musicians

10/09/13    iRockJazz Video

Gary Bartz: Playing It Straight

In this iRockJazz video interview, the saxophonist talks about the perils of drug addiction

10/03/13    iRockJazz Video

The Great Debate: What is Jazz?

iRockJazz interviews with various artists on how to define the music


09/25/13    iRockJazz Video

Robert Glasper: Jazz Matters

iRockJazz video interview with pianist and composer

04/02/13    iRockJazz Video

Tom Harrell: Setting Standards

Video interview from iRockJazz with trumpeter


02/19/13    iRockJazz Video

Gerald Clayton: Open to the Music

iRockJazz video interview with pianist

02/04/13    iRockJazz Video

Cyrus Chestnut: From the Church to the Bandstand

iRockJazz video interview with pianist


10/25/12    iRockJazz Video

Benny Green: Playing with Art Blakey

iRockJazz interview with pianist about his tenure with the Jazz Messengers

09/21/12    iRockJazz Video

Wynton Marsalis & Ali Jackson: Backstage at the Detroit Jazz Festival

iRockJazz video interview with trumpeter and drummer


09/13/12    iRockJazz Video

Ali Jackson: Serious About the Music

IrockJazz video interview with drummer


08/16/12    iRockJazz Video

Kenny Barron: From Gillespie to Getz

IrockJazz video interview with noted pianist


07/30/12    iRockJazz Video

Luis Perdomo: On the Journey

iRockJazz video interview with pianist


07/23/12    iRockJazz Video

Lisa Hilton: Striking a Balance

Video interview with singer and bandleader


07/12/12    iRockJazz Video

Poncho Sanchez: Tito Puente in the First Row

iRockJazz video interview with percussionist and bandleader


06/24/12    iRockJazz Video

Poncho Sanchez: My Introduction to Jazz

A video interview with the percussion master

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About John Moultrie


John Moultrie is a veteran music entrepreneur who is one of the great visionaries and social music trailblazers in Chicago. Moultrie is on a mission to reinvigorate one of America’s oldest forms of music.

As President/CEO of iRock Jazz Music Group, on air personality of iRock Jazz Radio Show and founder of the iRock Jazz Brand. Moultrie has spawned a new creative culture of live music productions, also while playing and promoting music of many of today’s “New” jazz pioneers on radio.

Moultrie, a former Chef Restaurateur and Music Entrepreneur, has also received numerous awards including the Small Business Association’s “Young Entrepreneur of the Year 1993,” Inc. magazine’s “Entrepreneur of the Year 1993,” Dollar & Sense magazine’s “International Jazz Club of the Year 1994,” Chicago Tribune’s “Top African American Chef,” Chicago Magazine’s “Best Restaurants for Desserts 1999” and Chicago Tribune’s “Top 10 Best Undiscovered Restaurants 1999

As the music industry evolves, iRock Jazz is devoted to creating new endeavors in marketing Jazz and to advance the "live social" music experience. iRock Jazz pays homage to jazz immortals living and dead who help shape a value system that inspires not only a new genre of artists who play and write, but also promotes their music to ensure that true creativity will be properly documented. iRock Jazz exclusive photography and video interviews includes some of the most culturally significant and forward thinking artists in the world. Visit

John Moultrie joined the JazzTimes community on Oct 24, 2011