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05/04/12    Community Articles

Promoting Jazz though Entertainment!

Jack Hale's new jazz show Jack's Tea Room opening at the world famous jazz and blues club Harvelle's in downtown Long Beach, Ca. Live Entertainment in the style of the Jazz Age! It's a show!

10/19/11    Community Articles

HOT Chicago Jazz and Basie Swing

S. California is booming with swing and vintage jazz, but few in the straight-ahead jazz world, even in S.Cal, are aware!

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About Jack Hale


Band Leader, Guitarist, Pianist, Arranger, Writer

Beginning with Classic Rock, quickly moved into jazz, studies with some of the most popular jazz musicians in the S.Cal area including Joe Pass, Monty Budwig, Herb Ellis, Dick Grove Workshops, Valley College/Cal. St. Music Programs, more.

When Retro Swing took off in the 1990's, nowhere was it more active than S.Cal. Jack was there performing monthly at The Derby and all the new swing dance clubs. When Retro ended, in S.Cal., original swing came back, with Jack leading the pack!

S.Cal continues to lead the Vintage Jazz/Swing Scene with hundreds of clubs, ballrooms, bands, and most importantly, thousands of swing dancers supporting the fantastic music.

Jack Hale joined the JazzTimes community on Oct 09, 2011