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July/August 2001    Hearsay

David Gilmore

Jazz-guitar radical David Gilmore recently released Ritualism, (Kashka) his first recording as a leader. It’s fuckin’ brilliant. And it only took him 22 years to get it out. Born in 1964, Gilmore dabbled in piano, drums and percussion, then, at 15, youngblood...


June 2001    Albums

An Acrobat's Heart
Annette Peacock

The recent brouhaha with the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra is a telling reminder that even in the Age of Aquarius, female composers-arrangers-singers-players working in the music still can't get no props. Same as it ever was. Vocalist/composer/instrumentalist...


May 2001    Hearsay

Carla Cook

My Poppa done tol’ me when I was in knee pants, “Don’t worry about who might be better than you are—the toughest act to follow is yourself.” No doubt Carla Cook had the same old schooling from her peeps back in Detroit. Cook’s first step was giant: a 1999...


May 2001    Albums

A Calm In the Fire of Dances
Deep Rumba

Ever since the Buena Vista Social Club won that Grammy, all kindsa folk have been fiendin' for any CD that says "Recorded in Havana" on the back. Hah! Like the 100% real shit can't exist nowhere but Cuba proper. Silly wabbits-Kip Hanrahan has been producing...


May 2001    Albums

Chico O'Farrill

Chico O'Farrill is the greatest living composer-arranger of contemporary popular music on the planet. He drew up the blueprint for Afro-Cuban jazz five decades ago ("Afro-Cuban Jazz Suite"), created modern Latin jazz with "Manteca Suite" (1954), collaborates...


May 2001    Albums

Kendra Shank

Once upon a time, to be a jazz singer was to be supthin' special. Nowadays, it's all about striking generic poses, flossing diva attitudes and stylistic body snatching. There's so many glorified R&B/pop gurls out here frontin' just 'cause some marketing...


May 2001    Albums

Rhapsodies In Black: Music and Words from the Harlem Renaissance
Various Artists

Ken Burns' Jazz is now on its way to the television series hall of fame. We critics may have our quibbles about it (especially the Bird-was-a-tragic-junkie-genius segment and the last-40-years-of-jazz-evolution-only-needs 60-minutes final episode), but overall...


May 2001    Albums

Classic Encounters
James Williams All-Stars

Over the course of a career that spans near-three decades, James Williams has earned the sobriquet "the pianist's pianist." He's has been at the top of the A-list, first-call sideman since his Art Blakey days ('77 to '81). A lifelong disciple of the great...


March 2001    Features

Olu Dara: Mr. Dara’s Neighborhood

Ridin’ the N train, Brooklyn to 42nd Street: Over and over again phrases like “Never open a wine before its time” and the Chambers Brothers’ chant “TIME!…TIME!…TIME!” bobbed and weaved inside my dome with Olu Dara’s Neighborhoods swerving in my ’phones...


November 2000    Features

Nasheet Waits: Burning Hot Son

Whilst double-stepping the six blocks between West 4th Street and the Village Vanguard—drummer Nasheet Waits is hitting there with pianist Jason Moran’s New Directions—my mind began to trip on the latest batch of jazz legend progeny—Anthony Wilson, Ravi...


October 2000    Features

Pharoah Sanders: Moonchild

To all of us nappy-headed water babies of the ’70s—college-types, freaks, militants, Afroculturalists—Pharoah Sanders was the greatest tenor saxophone player in the world. Sure we checked for Sonny, ’Trane and Wayne, but they weren’t being played on the...


July/August 2000    Grooves

Urban Cuban

A studio collective of Havana-Paris singers/players, MCs, P18 (core: ex-Mano Negra keyboardist Tom Darnal, Sierra Maestra singer/trumpeter Teuntor Garcia) specializes in el sonido nuevo de Cubano-laced shots of block rocking beats, illbient, tech step, jazz...


July/August 2000    Grooves

Un poquito quema'o
Sergent Garcia

Whipped up by his 10-piece band Los Locos Del Barrio, the good Sergent throws down crazy mambo ska dancehall ("Oye mi bomba"), jazzy reggae Latino ("Amor pa' mi", Que palique") and a bit of hyperventilation-inducing timba freestyle ("Jumpi," "Si yo llego...


July/August 2000    Grooves

Sao Paulo Confessions

Suba passed away last November and Sao Paulo Confessions (657036 1019, 61:20) is a tragically beautiful epitaph. This guy had big ears-rivers of Hermeto Pascoal, George Duke, Deodato, Olodum and DJ Premier run through his aural valley. "Antropofagos (Cannibals...


July/August 2000    Grooves

Outro Lado
Zuco 103

Zuco 103 (Lilian Viera, vocals; Stefan Kruger, drums; Stefan Schmid, keyboards) are all about the underground dance floor. Zuco 103's debut album, Outro Lado, updates '70s tropicalismo and MPB via some wicked drum 'n' bass, trip hop, soul jazz beats and...


July/August 2000    Grooves

This Is Acid Jazz Vol. 7: Steppin' Out
Various Artists

This Is Acid Jazz Vol. 7: Steppin' Out (INS514, 50:17) is a low-key affair, showcasing the usual suspects (Shakatak, The JB Horns, Gota) and talents deserving wider recognition (The Sharpshooters, Woody Cunningham). Perfect beat moments: CFM Band's churning...

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