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October 2010    Albums

Snuck In
David Weiss and Point of Departure

Review of live album from noted trumpeter/composer/arranger/bandleader

September 2010    Albums

Oleg Butman

Although released under drummer (and Igor’s brother) Oleg Butman’s name, Passion really documents the ongoing partnership between the ebullient Butman and the equally aggressive Natalia Smirnova on piano. For the past few years the pair has operated as a...


June 2010    Albums

Horace to Max
Joe Chambers

Forrest Dylan Bryant on new album from drummer Joe Chambers


03/15/10    Concerts

Portland Jazz Festival

A great Northwestern fest nods to the Land of the Midnight Sun


August 2008    Albums

Frank Macchia

Like several jazz musicians before him, saxophonist Frank Macchia has found success working in Hollywood as a composer and orchestrator, building up a lengthy list of film and television credits. So it’s not surprising that this well-executed disc has a...


August 2008    Albums

Sharp Turns
Moutin Reunion Quartet

Twin brothers François and Louis Moutin lead a supple, absorbing and powerful band, sweeping through this CD/DVD dual-disc like a river as they show off the two great advantages of their excellent ensemble. First, the Moutins make a dynamite rhythm section...


August 2008    Albums

The Nuttree Quartet

Standards are the lingua franca of jazz, a shared lexicon that puts musicians—and their audiences—on common ground. But they also present a challenge that, while frequently attempted, is not always met: how to place a unique stamp on a tune everybody knows...


August 2008    Undertones

Walt Blanton/Tony Branco/John Nasshan

Listeners who associate the concept of free improvisation with harsh chaos or impenetrable obscurity will be pleasantly surprised by this Las Vegas-based trio, which wanders amiably through seven open-ended yet even-tempered pieces. This grounding is largely...


August 2008    Undertones

Bom Dia
Roger Davidson

Bright and breezy as a tropical daydream, the 11 original bossa novas and sambas on pianist Roger Davidson’s latest release recall the sophisticated early days of small-group Brazilian jazz. Davidson’s expert touch is especially evident in the solo “Soir...


August 2008    Undertones

Denis DiBlasio/Brian Betz Project
Denis Diblasio/Brian Betz Broject

This swinging double CD shows off two sides of a generation-bridging collaboration. The first disc balances euphoric burners with earnest ballads as DiBlasio, former musical director of the Maynard Ferguson Orchestra, weaves delightful melodies on baritone...


August 2008    Undertones

David Gibson

David Gibson’s third CD is heartfelt, confident and completely gratifying, mixing up favorite tunes by trombone icons J.J. Johnson and Slide Hampton with three vibrant originals. Gibson’s thick trombone tone and supple attack form a seamless continuum with...


August 2008    Undertones

Grupa Janke Randalu

Kristjan Randalu and Bodek Janke are all but unknown to American jazz fans. But the visceral excitement and engrossing interplay captured on this duet CD argue for a place in the top rank of jazz innovators. The brilliant, acrobatic “Confidance” blasts off...


August 2008    Undertones

Beyond Good and Evil
Matt Haviland

The debut release from veteran sideman Matt Haviland crackles with eager excitement, both in the bustling original compositions and in the leader’s percolating trombone solos. Haviland is clearly energized by his quintet, which packs some star power in saxophonist...


August 2008    Undertones

Amos Hoffman

For Israeli guitarist/oudist Amos Hoffman, the appropriately named Evolution is a heady, spice-filled caravan voyage through Middle Eastern and jazz stylings. The sound is both eternal and ever-changing, as strings and flute rooted in folk traditions are...


August 2008    Undertones

Best of the West/Many Places
Anne Mette Iversen

Bassist/composer Anne Mette Iversen shows a masterful reach across jazz and classical music in “Best of the West,” the sumptuous suite that opens this two-disc set. Originally from Denmark but now part of the Brooklyn Jazz Underground collective, Iversen...


August 2008    Undertones

With You in Mind
Russ Nolan

Joining forces with the Kenny Werner Trio for his second CD as a leader, saxophonist Russ Nolan finds the ideal musicians to render his quicksilver compositions; also proving he can take a top band and make it his own. Nolan’s clear, soulful tenor and analytical...

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