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03/16/15    Photos

Photos: Warren Wolf and the John Toomey Trio at The Attucks Theatre

Mark Robbins shares photos from concert by vibraphonist


01/12/15    Photos

Photos: Saxophonist Dick Oatts at The Attucks Theater in Norfolk, Va.

Mark Robbins' photos of performance by veteran saxophonist


12/01/14    Photos

Photos: Jaimee Paul, Leif Shires and their trio at The Henrico Theater in Richmond, VA

Vocalist brings her "At Last" album to historic theater


11/17/14    Photos

Photos: Ken Navarro and Lonnie Liston Smith at the Attucks Theatre in Norfolk

Historic theater celebrates first decade in all its refurbished glory


11/10/14    Photos

Photos: Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue in Virginia Beach

Mark Robbins shares photos of New Orleans trombonist and bandleader from final performance in concert series at Neptune Park in Virginia


10/28/14    Photos

Photos: Larry Carlton at The Sandler Center for the Performing Arts

Mark Robbins' photos of performance by noted guitarist


05/07/14    Photos

Photos: Jonathan Batiste & Stay Human at The American Theater, Hampton, VA

Mark Robbins shares photos from energetic performance by the New Orleans keyboardist and his band


05/01/14    Photos

New Orleans Jazz Fest: 1st Weekend Photos

Branford, John Boutté, Astral Project and more


04/21/14    Community Articles

Photos: Chick Corea's Solo Performance at The Roper Performing Arts Center

Pianist Shines in Informal Concert


03/20/14    Community Articles

Tony Bennett in Concert at Chrysler Hall, Norfolk, VA

The last of the iconic saloon singers shows why he's still the best.


02/27/14    Community Articles

Tedeschi Trucks Band at Sandler Center for the Performing Arts

Tedeschi Trucks Band fills every seat in the house


02/10/14    Community Articles

Photos from Jazz Legacy Foundation Event in Portsmouth, Va.

Gerald Albright, Jeanette Harris and Frederic Yonnet entertain at black tie event to support youth music programs


12/06/13    Community Articles

SFJAZZ Collective at the Ferguson Center in Newport News, Va.

SFJAZZ Collective Celebrates 10th Anniversary at The Ferguson Center for the Performing Arts in Newport News, Va.


11/06/13    Community Articles

Carla Cook in performance at The Attucks Theater, Norfolk, Va October 4, 2013

Cook and company pull from a grab bag of tunes and add their own spin


10/24/13    Community Articles

Cyrus Chestnut plays at Havana Nights Jazz and Cigar Club in Virginia Beach,VA

Cyrus Chestnut, Jae Sinnett and Terry Burrell play what turns out to be the last five shows at Havana Nights


10/04/13    Community Articles

Kenny Washington at Havana Nights Jazz and Cigar Club in Virginia Beach, Va

West Coast vocalist shows why he is the best in the business

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About Mark Robbins


Growing up surrounded by music, it was only natural that music became an important part of Mark's life. Especially influenced by a piano playing great aunt who played sheet music for customers in music stores, Mark was hooked and started taking piano lessons at 8 years old. His love of photography goes back 50 plus years when he photographed his 4th grade class with a Kodak 127 Brownie. In the mid 1980's Mark discovered Herman Leonard's moody photography of jazz musicians and he was hooked. It was only natural for the two loves of his life to marry and music and photography have been his constant companions. Photographing musicians around the country has become his passion and profession.

Mark Robbins joined the JazzTimes community on Jun 23, 2011