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06/11/11    Photos

New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival 2011

Joel A. Siegel's photos of performances at Jazzfest

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About Joel A. Siegel


Joel A. Siegel is a rhythm & blues guitarist/pianist and leader of the Blue Laws. By day, he practices as a commercial attorney, which he has done for over 25 years. Before the law, Joel wrote and photographed for music magazines, and was managing editor at the outset of Guitar World magazine. Since high school, he has maintained an interest in photography. He was the longtime neighbor and friend of the great photographer David Gahr, who created many iconic images of music figures. For over 25 years, Joel and Dave traveled to music festivals together, including the Newport Folk and Jazz Festivals, the Philadelphia Folk Festival, and the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival.

Joel A. Siegel joined the JazzTimes community on Jun 08, 2011