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04/09/12    Gearhead

Jazz Bass: Essential Innovations

Ed Friedland on the most important breakthroughs in bass gear history


December 2008    Gearhead

Stellartone ToneStyler BASS

Over the past 57 years, there have been many advances in bass guitar technology, one of the most significant being the development of active electronics. Since the introduction of Alembic’s earliest powered EQ and preamp circuits, active electronics have...


June 2008    Artist Profiles

Jonas Hellborg: Take the Reins

One can imagine Jonas Hellborg as a child refusing to stay within the lines of his coloring book. His all-embracing approach creates music that redefines boundaries and challenges expectations, yet manages to avoid the self-importance that often accompanies...


November 2005    Gearhead

Peavey Cirrus Six-String Bass

Peavey has worked hard to overcome the much-undeserved perception that they make "second class" gear. Perhaps this was a result of the unpretentious, workmanlike appearance of Peavey's early products-but no one could ever say they didn't do the job. It's...


October 2005    Gearhead

Phil Jones Bass Buddy

Phil Jones Bass has entered the hi-fi bass amplification market in a big way with innovative products aimed at the connoisseur bassist. Top-notch engineering, rugged yet sexy construction and practical features are the calling cards of its product line...

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