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02/20/15    DVDs

DVD Review: Fred Hersch's "My Coma Dreams"

A unique fusion of jazz and documentary theater


02/17/15    Albums

The 21st Century Trad Band
Jason Marsalis Vibes Quartet

The whimsical artwork for The 21st Century Trad Band depicts vibraphonist Jason Marsalis and his musicians (pianist Austin Johnson, bassist Will Goble and drummer David Potter) as caped musical superheroes, Goble playing a rocket-powered bass, Potter using...


02/03/15    Albums

So Long, Eric!— Homage to Eric Dolphy
Aki Takase/Alexander von Schlippenbach

Any musician, in celebrating an artist like Eric Dolphy, is stepping onto a minefield. Exploratory and ever-forward-looking, the music of the free-jazz pioneer seems almost designed to resist the sometimes bloodless tribute-recording format. Fortunately...


01/22/15    Features

Monk in Hollywood

Jazz’s most important competition hits L.A. for a trumpet showcase


01/02/15    Albums

Michael Musillami

Is too much of a good thing still a good thing? That is the question posed by Pride , a two-hour-plus, double-disc release from the Michael Musillami Trio that presents the equivalent of two complete LPs plus a bonus EP. Disc one finds the Connecticut-based...


01/01/15    Albums

Blues and Reds
Hush Point

Hailing as it does from within the notably exploratory Brooklyn scene, an album as appealingly old-school as Hush Point’s Blues and Reds is an unexpected surprise. Substitute a baritone saxophone for Jeremy Udden’s alto, and this sophomore effort from the...


12/24/14    Features

All for Wayne

A fundraising event for an icon becomes an all-star tribute


11/11/14    News

Monk Institute Names Trumpeter Marquis Hill 2014 Competition Winner

All-star gala event honoring Bill Clinton features Hancock, Shorter and others


09/11/14    Books

ART: Why I Stuck With a Junkie Jazzman
Laurie Pepper

Art Pepper’s Straight Life is one of the seminal jazz autobiographies, essential for its portrait of the postwar West Coast scene and its pitiless portrayal of the addict’s lifestyle. The book was a collaboration between Art and his wife, Laurie, who shaped...


08/30/14    Albums

Fred Hersch Trio

The first studio recording in four years from the Fred Hersch Trio, Floating is sequenced like the band’s live gigs. The album commences with an American standard (Dietz and Schwartz’s “You and the Night and the Music”) reimagined with the trio’s idiosyncratic...


08/29/14    Albums

Lope and Antilope
Get the Blessing

So what is the appropriate course of action? To praise Get the Blessing’s Lope and Antilope for its ambitious synthesis of jazz with rock and electronica inflections? Or simply celebrate the sheer exuberance of this album-length extended improvisation, recorded...


08/12/14    Albums

Bop Kabbalah
Ty Citerman

If one classifies Bop Kabbalah , the self-titled debut recording of the quartet fronted by Gutbucket founding member Ty Citerman, as “sacred music,” then it is as singular an example of the form as anything Duke Ellington ever composed. The latest installment...


07/20/14    Albums

Swingfully Yours
Loston Harris

The liner notes for Loston Harris’ Swingfully Yours set a clear agenda. “This recording is all about swing,” declares the pianist and singer, a mainstay at New York’s famed Carlyle Hotel. “No torch songs or ballads, just tunes with tempos that make you wanna...


07/18/14    Albums

Tim Hegarty

Tim Hegarty’s Tribute is framed as a paean to the artists whose teachings and example still inform the veteran saxophonist’s work, most notably Jimmy Heath, with whom Hegarty studied saxophone and composition and who wrote four of Tribute ’s 10 tracks. The...


07/17/14    Albums

Extended Circle
Tord Gustavsen Quartet

Norwegian pianist-composer Tord Gustavsen creates music like nothing else in jazz today, and his new quartet recording, Extended Circle , is a vivid illustration of the singularity of his take on the form. Throughout the album’s 12 tracks, eight of which...


05/20/14    Albums

The L.A. Treasures Project
The Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra

Closing in on its 30th anniversary, the Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra continues its commitment to straight-off-the-bone swing. The CHJO’s new live recording, The L.A. Treasures Project , is an ebullient collection of tracks, the band taking a set of razor...

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