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04/13/14    Albums

Dan Weiss

A stirrer of jazz and ethnic styles as an accompanist for such wide-ranging artists as Miguel Zenón, Rez Abbasi and Joel Harrison, drummer Dan Weiss steps out here as a leader with his most ambitious effort: a seven-part, through-composed work for 14 pieces...


04/04/14    Albums

The Edenfred Files
Darryl Harper

For all the freedom from tradition contemporary clarinetists have gained, they frequently make it or break it artistically based on the quality of their sound. But as strong a player as Darryl Harper is, the most striking and appealing thing about his music...


03/27/14    Albums

Face Forward, Jeremy
Jeremy Pelt

Electric music is nothing new to Jeremy Pelt, two of whose mid-2000s efforts for MaxJazz mined the fertile possibilities of fusion. But with last year’s Water and Earth and now Face Forward, Jeremy , both featuring the same basic band, the trumpeter seems...


03/21/14    Albums

Taylor Ho Bynum Sextet & 7-Tette

An intriguing study in variations, cornetist Taylor Ho Bynum’s Navigation features four different takes of the extended title tune by his excellent, closely knit working sextet—two recorded live and two in the studio with Chad Taylor as second percussionist...


03/15/14    Albums

Sixteen Sunsets
Jane ira Bloom

Jane Ira Bloom has always been a lyrical player, but on her first ballads collection, stripped of technical enhancements, this elite soprano saxophonist reveals new depths. Leading a quartet including Dominic Fallacaro, a young pianist with a nice light...


02/09/14    Albums

Claws and Wings
Erik Friedlander

“Frail as a Breeze,” the two-part song that opens cellist Erik Friedlander’s lovely tribute to his departed wife, might describe his own physical and psychological state as he struggled with losing her to breast cancer (not being able to play his instrument...


01/26/14    Albums

A Trumpet in the Morning
Marty Ehrlich Large Ensemble

Whether or not Marty Ehrlich was affected by the harsh reviews of The Long View , the boldly experimental 2003 recording by his Large Ensemble, this belated follow-up is much more cohesive in a listener-friendly way. That isn’t to say A Trumpet in the Morning...


01/11/14    Albums

Ellery Eskelin/Susan Alcorn/Michael Formanek

The great country pedal-steel player Buddy Emmons had a serious brush with jazz (as witness his easy-swinging 1963 Verve album, Steel Guitar Jazz ), but otherwise the instrument has not played much of a role in the genre. Mirage , on which pedal-steel innovator...


01/04/14    Albums

Stephan Crump's Rosetta Trio

On Thwirl , Stephan Crump’s Rosetta Trio plays things a bit closer to the vest than they did on their sparkling previous outing, Reclamation . But they still deliver plenty of irresistible moments with their unusual combination of electric and acoustic guitars...


12/31/13    Albums

The Stars Look Very Different Today
Ben Allison

Bassist-composer Ben Allison puts together such great bands you can’t help but regret his tendency to record each of them only once. But with standout guitarist Steve Cardenas remaining a constant through the changes, and each new group capturing you with...


12/11/13    Albums

Man on the Street
Harold O'Neal

Harold O’Neal is a tough artist to pin down. Is he the stylish hard-bop reviver responsible for the well-received 2010 effort Whirling Mantis ? Or the pianist who, on a period instrument, channeled the impressionists on his quirky 2012 solo album, Marvelous...


12/05/13    Albums

Rempis Percussion Quartet

With these excellent albums, saxophonist Dave Rempis, an important musician-presenter in Chicago, launched his own Aerophonic label in June. The two-disc Phalanx captures wide-open live sets by the long-running Rempis Percussion Quartet featuring bassist...


11/30/13    Albums

The Claudia Quintet

John Hollenbeck has fashioned his share of attention-grabbing tunes, but few as compelling as “September 29th, 1936: Me Warn You,” a highlight of the Claudia Quintet’s shiveringly good new album. A mash-up of reflective music and sonically sliced and diced...


11/29/13    Albums

In the Beginning, Volumes 1 & 2
Dr. Lonnie Smith

Dr. Lonnie Smith’s new two-disc album is not only his most invigorating effort in years, it’s also one of the most exciting Hammond B-3 albums in some time. Credit the octet format on several tracks for adding heaps of energy and pizzazz. And credit arranger...


11/26/13    Features

Jack DeJohnette Returns to His Roots In Chicago

Special day, Special Edition for drum icon


11/21/13    Albums

Play the Music of Steve Lacy, Vol. 2
The Whammies

The Whammies’ second helping of Steve Lacy interpretations, recorded about a year after the first batch, has a more outwardly exploratory quality than its exuberant predecessor. But the results are equally enjoyable, as you would expect from a superb group...

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