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September 2007    Gearhead

Gretsch New Classic Series Bop Drum Kit

Gretsch recently expanded its New Classic Series line to include a classic bop-style kit. The three-piece shell pack includes a 14 x 18-inch bass drum, an 8 x 12-inch mounted tom and a 14 x 14-inch floor tom. This line’s preconfigured shell packs don’t include...


July/August 2006    Gearhead

Evans EMAD 2 Bass Drum Heads

Evans’ EMAD 2 bass-drum head is a two-ply version of the original single-ply EMAD head, which is the world’s fastest-selling bass-drum batter head. If you aren’t familiar with these heads, EMAD is an acronym for Externally Mounted Adjustable Damping bass...


May 2006    Gearhead

Sabian Dave Weckl Signature Legacy Cymbals

In 2002, Sabian collaborated with Dave Weckl to create the Canadian cymbal company’s Evolution line, a series that made quite a splash when it debuted on the market. The Evolution line includes the totally cool O-Zone crashes, cymbals that feature six large...


December 2005    Gearhead

Zildjian K Constantinople Hi Bell Cymbals

Zildjian recently sent me a slew of new Hi Bell K Constantinople cymbals to audition--flat rides, thin rides, medium thin rides and a dry ride--plus a pair of hi-hats. These cymbals have a bell modeled after a 100-year-old pair of Zildjian orchestral cymbals...


November 2005    Gearhead

Paise New Signature Dark Energy Cymbals

Paiste has always been known for remarkably consistent manufacturing standards, with each cymbal line having a consistent and identifiable sound. This is wonderful if you have to order a replacement cymbal and don't live near a shop where you have the luxury...


September 2005    Gearhead

Bosphorus Stanton Moore Signature Cymbals

Stanton Moore is a young, versatile drummer known for his skill at covering a wide range of styles while giving them all a dash of his N’awlins Creole seasoning. His work ranges from funky drumming with Galactic, gigs with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band...


July/August 2005    Gearhead

Sabian Vault Artisan Ride Cymbals

Sabian's Vault line of cymbals was developed during one of its cymbal-making demonstration tours, where the company visits drum shops, brings in hammering and lathing machinery and manufactures cymbals on the spot. It's fascinating to watch, but more than...

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