GRAżyna Studzińska-Cavour

GRAżyna’s Contributions


06/14/11    Talks With Gra

Saxophonist Bill Evans: Music is Music

Grażyna Studzińska-Cavour interviews the saxophonist on location in Poland


12/07/10    Talks With Gra

Trilok Gurtu: Playing For Everybody

Trilok Gurtu talks with Grażyna Studzińska-Cavour about his music, background, new CD and plans, while waiting for his sound-check at the “Palm Jazz Festival” in Gliwice 7th October 2010


12/01/10    Talks With Gra

Clarence Penn: A Natural Approach

Clarence Penn talks to Grażyna Studzińska-Cavour about his music, playing in Poland and future plans, before the set of his two different concerts at Palm Jazz Festival in Gliwice 7th October 2010

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About GRAżyna Studzińska-Cavour


GRAżyna Studzińska-Cavour is a freelance reporter, prose and poetry writer as well as text editress. Educated in music and languages. Degree in classical and jazz singing. Daring to shoot amateur photoes. Living inside the woods loves animals and nature, travels and technology. Interested in psychology and psycholinguistics. Creative in the kitchen. Mother of an adult son.
Co-operates with Jazz Forum Magazine, Doza Magazine, Pokochaj Fotografie, Polish News and others, writing about cultural events, especially those that concern jazz.
Professionally Freelance Teacher Trainer, distance learning consultant and International Trainer Trainer with broad experience in all aspects of training, quality control in education, supervising, methodology and educational management. Direct experience with conference organisation, teamwork solutions, ELT consulting and teaching, distance education and e-learning. Co-ordinating and supporting teams of ELT&FLT teachers and trainers, designing and running tailor-made ESL, CALL, Polish for Foreigners, ESP, Business English training programmes, editing and publishing papers, articles, editorials, running workshops and coaching teachers, translating from English into Polish and the other way round, teaching methodology, ESP and Business English, running her own language school and teacher development centre. Advising supervisory boards of educational organisations in Poland and abroad. Co-creating Contemporary Art programs for galleries. Deeply engaged in Projects on New Technologies and Culture in Education.

GRAżyna Studzińska-Cavour joined the JazzTimes community on Nov 22, 2010