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11/11/10    Innerviews

John McLaughlin: Remembering Shakti

Anil Prasad interviews legendary guitarist about the connection between jazz and Indian music, and other topics


11/04/10    Innerviews

McCoy Tyner: Communicating Sensitivity

Anil Prasad interviews legendary pianist about bandleading and the deification of John Coltrane


10/28/10    Innerviews

Bela Fleck: Nomadic Instincts

Anil Prasad talks with banjo player Bela Fleck about his trips to Africa and his relation to spirituality in an excerpt from the Innerviews: Music Without Borders book


10/14/10    Innerviews

Eberhard Weber: Foreground Music

Anil Prasad talks with legendary bassist Eberhard Weber about his love-hate relationship with his instrument in an excerpt from the Innerviews: Music Without Borders book


10/12/10    Innerviews

Ralph Towner: Unfolding Stories

Anil Prasad talks with virtuoso acoustic guitarist Ralph Towner about transcending chops in an excerpt from the book Innerviews: Music Without Borders


09/29/10    Innerviews

Stanley Clarke: Back to Basics

The pioneering electric bassist talks about jazz in suits and turning down Miles Davis in an excerpt from Anil Prasad’s Innerviews: Music Without Borders book


09/22/10    Innerviews

David Torn: Mercurial Mastery

Anil Prasad talks with avant-guitarist David Torn about harnessing the muse in an excerpt from the Innerviews: Music Without Borders book

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About Anil Prasad


Anil Prasad is the editor and publisher of Innerviews, the Web's longest-running music magazine, located at Established in 1994, Innerviews offers uncompromising interviews that enable artists to speak about topics that matter to them. Prasad is also a regular contributor to Guitar Player and Bass Player magazines.

Anil Prasad joined the JazzTimes community on Aug 23, 2010