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01/28/13    Farewells

Chuck Redd Remembers Bassist Joe Byrd: 1933 - 2012

The drummer and vibraphonist reflects on "a savvy Southern gentleman"


March 2006    Farewells

Bill Potts

Arranger/pianist Bill Potts was born with an individual musical voice and a sense of purpose. He didn't have to "learn to swing." In fact, he was incapable of playing or writing anything that didn't feel inevitable. It's also been said by many musicians...


November 2004    Gearhead

Paiste Dimensions Cymbals

Although advertised as hand-hammered, Paiste Dimensions' production is clearly a scientific process that leaves no room for the odd, irregular cymbal. This also of course leaves no room for the odd, irregular and interesting, one-of-a-kind cymbal that you...


November 2002    Gearhead

CLE Drums

If you’re looking for a set of drums with dry-sounding components that offer instant separation and less than immediate response, stay away from these drums. CLE drums are clearly designed to resonate with each other to produce an aural blend that draws...


November 2001    Gearhead

Ludwig Classic Birch Series

I’ve owned drums that were made in the late ’60s and early ’70s for most of my career. I have, however, played a wide variety of drums, from old to new, provided by concert venues on the road for the last 22 years. In acoustic jazz situations, it is rare...

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