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10/18/12    Gearhead

P. Mauriat's Professional Quality Trumpets

The 655 and 700 models are as impressive as company's saxophones


July/August 2007    Gearhead

Jupiter XO Series Tribune Trumpet

It is my assumption that not only in the Hudson Valley of New York State, where my musical beginnings took root, but all over the country, the Jupiter instrument company has been closely associated with the grade-school-level brass boy or girl; in particular...


January/February 2007    Gearhead

Yamaha YTR-8335 LA Custom Bb Trumpet

Air. Every trumpet player conceptualizes air in a different way. We all know how important it is. As trumpet players, it is our life force, rivaling blood, bones and newfangled mouthpieces. We have exercises and techniques for increasing our lung capacity...


October 2004    Gearhead

Yamaha Z Trumpet

In America, the trend is usually bigger is better. The humble SUV, for example, has begun to receive some competition from the Hummer, a military vehicle, for the title of most coveted means of ground transportation. Since they make armored vehicles larger...


May 2004    Gearhead

Phaeton Trumpets

"The trumpet is the instrument of the gods," said master musician Marcus Belgrave in a recent interview about his Detroit Jazz Festival trumpet summit (which I took part in this past summer). Now if these gods happened to descend from the heavens in an ornate...

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