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04/02/12    Albums

Simon Delage

With jazz wunderkinds releasing their debut recordings younger and younger, it’s somewhat refreshing to hear an album by an up and coming musician who has taken a much needed gestation period before going into the recording studio. Enter Montreal drummer...

06/29/10    Concerts

Vijay Iyer at Montreal International Jazz Festival

Jonathan Goldman reviews performance by Vijay Iyer at Montreal International Jazz Festival


06/29/10    Albums

David Smith Quintet

With Anticipation by the David Smith Quintet comes another release from the Brooklyn Jazz Underground label, “an independent and artist-run label committed to creative and adventurous contemporary improvised music”. True to the label’s namesake, the present...


05/26/10    Albums

Abstract Realism
Peter Epstein and Idee Fixe

Let me first preface this review by saying that whenever I hear the word ‘free jazz’ I always cringe. Not that I have anything against free jazz per se – there are some groups that do it extremely well thinking back to Ornette Coleman, Don Cherry and Steve...


05/02/10    Albums

Boiling Point
Brandon Wright

In a sea of Chris Potter and Mark Turner derivatives there emerges saxophonist Brandon Wright – a throwback player who channels the vernacular of more mainstream players such as Michael Brecker and Eric Alexander. To this end, Wright’s debut recording Boiling...


05/02/10    Albums

MIke Fahie

Even as a fellow Montrealer and jazz aficionado, I was only vaguely aware of New York-based trombonist Mike Fahie. Maybe it’s a Canadian thing – to stay out of the limelight – but over the years Fahie has quietly amassed an impressive list of performance...

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About Jonathan Goldman


Jonathan Goldman is a Montreal-based jazz saxophonist, arranger and composer, educator, researcher, and journalist. He completed his undergraduate studies in jazz performance at McGill University and is a recent recipient of an M.A in Music Education from the same institution. His master's thesis focused on the ways in which exceptional jazz musicians develop a unique voice within academia. In addition to his engagement in the jazz field as a performer and researcher, Goldman is a print and online contributor to JazzTimes,, The New York Times, The Montreal Gazette, the Journal for the Society of Ethnomusicology, Music Educators Journal, and The McGill Phonograph. Currently, Goldman hosts a web site. He may be reached at

Jonathan Goldman joined the JazzTimes community on Apr 28, 2010