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08/15/16    Photos

2016 Montclair Jazz Festival

Christian McBride, George Coleman, Michele Rosewoman and more


07/14/15    Concerts

One Night at the Vision Festival

Ed Berger on the July 10th performances at the forward-looking NYC event


01/24/14    Photos

Photo Gallery: The 2014 JEN Conference, Dallas

Highlights of the annual Jazz Education Network event


01/18/13    Education

Photo Gallery: Jazz Education Network Conference 2013

Students, educators and pros mingle in Atlanta


March 2008    Artist Profiles

Lawrence Lucie: They Love Lucie

He recorded with Jelly Roll Morton, opened the Apollo Theater in 1934 (with Benny Carter) and played with Duke Ellington at the Cotton Club. On December 17, the eve of Lawrence Lucie’s 100th birthday, friends, fans and fellow musicians gathered at Musicians’...


01/07/07    Concerts

Dizzy Reece: Return of a Legend

Although Dizzy Reece has been living in New York since 1959, he has worked so infrequently in recent years that many jazz fans thought he had passed away. Friday, January 5, 2007 was the trumpet legend’s 76th birthday and he marked the occasion by making...


October 2006    Features

Warren Vaché: From Manhattan to Scotland

Scottish music and jazz seem unlikely bedfellows, but as Ed Berger found out, trumpeter Warren Vaché isn’t afraid to surprise his fans—or his critics.


September 2006    News

Impulse Records: Impressive Impulses

New York’s Blue Note was packed on June 5 to celebrate the 45th anniversary of Impulse Records. The centerpiece of Impulse’s anniversary is The House That Trane Built: The Story of Impulse Records (W.W. Norton) by Ashley Kahn, whose previous works focused...


May 2006    Features

Wycliffe Gordon: The Beautiful Soul of...

Once Wynton Marsalis tapped him to play in his band, trombonist Wycliffe Gordon was on his way. He's since made a name for himself as a contemporary musician with a strong feel for the past.


July/August 2005    Artist Profiles

David Hazeltine: Champagne Tastes

His tall stature and serious demeanor are imposing at first. But rather unexpectedly pianist David Hazeltine's erupts in a wide grin, often with a giggle, several times as he recounts his circuitous path to becoming one of New York's top keyboardists. And...


June 2005    Features

Phil Woods: Still Bopping

Despite a variety of ailments threatening to knock him off the bandstand, the legendary, prolific bebopper is still going strong. Ed Berger catches up with the alto saxophonist at his home in the Poconos.

January/February 2005    Overdue Ovation

Ray Bryant: Through the Years

On the opening track of Ray Bryant's 1995 album Solo Live in Tokyo: Plays Blues and Boogie (EmArcy), part of the audience begins clapping on "two" and "four," part on "one" and "three," and a third faction somewhere in between. Bryant continues unfazed...


September 2003    Overdue Ovation

Grachan Moncur III: Some Other Stuff

For a time, it seemed that trombonist Grachan Moncur III was destined for jazz stardom. In demand both as a soloist and a composer, he was one of the most original voices to emerge in the early 1960s. Moncur's recordings for Blue Note as leader and sideman...


October 2002    Features

Randy Sandke: Ellingtonal to Metatonal

Indiana University has a jazz tradition going back to the 1920s when Hoagy Carmichael matriculated and brought his friend Bix Beiderbecke to play with him there. But by 1966, traditional jazz was far from the most commonly heard music on campus. So in the...


June 2002    Features

Bill Charlap: The Art of Listening

“I try to listen better all the time,” says Bill Charlap. Indeed, the word “listen” ranks high in the pianist’s lexicon. He listens to music of all types and believes the key to success in any musical situation is to listen to his fellow artists. That listening...


May 2002    Features

George Shearing: In Search of a Sound

George Shearing is seated at the beautiful Bösendorfer in his living room on New York’s Upper East Side. He depresses the keys so gently that the ensuing sound is barely audible. He then lightens his attack even more, so that each note is somewhere between...

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