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12/20/13    Albums

Ted Rosenthal Trio

Pianist Ted Rosenthal doesn’t pair “winter” with “wonderland,” preferring the latter, single word to resonate on its own. You don’t have to wait for Christmas or New Year’s (there’s little material here to suggest Chanukah) to enjoy this festive CD. And...


11/20/13    Albums

Social Music
Jon Batiste and Stay Human

This perfectly titled album is a mash-up of time and tempo, jazz and pop, rhythm and blues, modern tunes and warhorses. Sparked by Jon Batiste’s New Orleans-steeped piano, jaunty vocals and melodica (he calls it a “harmonaboard”), Social Music is all about...


09/09/13    Albums

Shamie Royston

Shamie Royston is a vigorous, versatile pianist whose approach spans the roil of “The Beast Within,” the placidity of “Healing Hymn” and the childlike, winning “Ruby Goes to School,” a tune by her husband Rudy, the muscular drummer who helps make this trio...


07/17/13    Albums

Amsterdam Meets New Tango
Pablo Ziegler & Metropole Orkest

Pianist Pablo Ziegler plunges into a kinetic musical cityscape evoking the downtown of his native Buenos Aires at the start of this ebullient disc, recorded in 2009 in Amsterdam with some of his longtime associates and the Metropole Orkest. This is music...


05/08/13    Albums

Verneri Pohjola & Black Motor

Picture a band on a street corner in the very Nordic north. It’s winter. To keep warm, they spool out blowsy melodies of grave gait and linearity, their authority not immediately apparent. Then, as trumpeter Verneri Pohjola and Black Motorists Sami Sippola...


05/01/13    Concerts

Tri-C JazzFest Cleveland

Loueke, Lovano, Frisell, Cole, Feinstein and more highlight this sprawling week-long fest


04/15/13    Albums

The 3Dom Factor
Barry Altschul

Barry Altschul’s first album as a leader in more than 25 years is a mischievous affair showcasing his irreverent drums, the magisterially sassy tenor saxophone of Jon Irabagon and the twangy (and occasionally bowed) bass of Joe Fonda, Altschul’s colleague...


04/01/13    Albums

The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of
Various Artists

This double-CD, packing 23 tracks per disc, is loaded with music as far from corporate as can be. A sequel to the acclaimed roots rarities compilation from 2006, The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of , Return is heavy on country styles—Appalachia seems to dominate...


03/23/13    Albums

Rudy Linka

Dynamics are critical to Czech-American guitarist Rudy Linka’s latest album, which is dominated by sneaky originals, a sharply tailored cover of Monk’s “Bye-Ya” (titled “Bay-Ya” here) and a quietly pulsating take on “So Weary,” a knowing tune by one of Linka’s...


02/20/13    Albums

Todd Marcus

On Todd Marcus’ second album, the bass clarinetist switches between a quartet showcasing his drive and one stressing his more thoughtful side. The tracks featuring pianist George Colligan and Warren Wolf (here on drums rather than vibes) are denser, if no...


02/08/13    Albums

Bronze Nemesis
Scott Robinson Doctette

If Charlie Haden’s Quartet West is jazz-noir, Bronze Nemesis is pulp-jazz. Scott Robinson’s protean and flexible group delivers 12 tracks celebrating proto-superhero Doc Savage, a figure who dominated hundreds of pulp novels in the Depression and war years...


02/05/13    Albums

Hot Club of Detroit

Drumless as ever and ever more eclectic, the Hot Club of Detroit chooses freshness over predictability on its fourth album. Sparked by the slight yet compelling vocals of French thrush Cyrille Aimée, the tough pop sensibility of new saxophonist Jon Irabagon...


02/04/13    Albums

Felipe Salles

São Paulo native Felipe Salles blends the visceral and the cerebral on his fascinating fifth album, infusing classical modernist strains with the buoyant rhythms of his Brazilian homeland. And that’s by no means all. Departure spans a hard, shape-shifting...


01/24/13    Undertones

Adam Glasser

Adam Glasser’s playful yet plaintive style makes him one of the harmonica’s new masters. As debonair as Toots Thielemans, as soulful as Stevie Wonder and as romantic as Gregoire Maret, he’s also distinctively pungent. As a pianist, Glasser is percussive...


01/14/13    Albums

Soul Classics
Maceo Parker

Longtime James Brown horn foil Maceo Parker reanimates soul and funk tropes in this beautifully produced, rocking collection of tunes from the ’60s and ’70s. Backed by the supple WDR Big Band, this spirited collection is anything but archival. Not only does...


12/26/12    Albums

Nik Bärtsch’s Ronin

Live, this deeply continental and assured sextet is a jam band with the precision of a Swiss watch. Like a sophisticated mechanical timepiece, it’s all in the complications. Where in a watch a complication is a function, like a power reserve indicator or...

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