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September 2003    At Home

Marian McPartland

The good folks at National Public Radio should invite Marian McPartland to host a botany program. The 85-year-old already coasts the airwaves as the station's Piano Jazz host, a gig she's held for the past 25 years, engaging well-known musical guests in...


July/August 2003    At Home

John Scofield

John Scofield loves his little animals. Doug and Janet are the guitarist's miniature dachshunds, and Annabel and Betty are his twin turtles. "I'm way into them," says the 51-year-old jazz-and-jam guitarist. But since Scofield is touring half of the time...


June 2003    At Home

David S. Ware

"Come on girls, we're going to put you in the magazine," says David S. Ware, calling Bibi and Mikuro into the music room of his three-story house in Scotch Plains, N.J. "My dogs make me smile." The saxophonist's soft side balances his loud tones on the bandstand...


May 2003    At Home

John Patitucci

"Daddy, you’re goofy!" John Patitucci’s daughters tease as they chase him around their home in Westchester County, N.Y. "That's right," he replies, dividing his attention between his daughters, wife and to-do list for his imminent trip to Asia to tour with...


April 2003    At Home

Lew Tabackin and Toshiko Akiyoshi

Pianist and big-band leader Toshiko Akiyoshi and her husband, tenor saxophonist and flutist Lew Tabackin, boast more than 4,000 bottles of wine in the basement of their three-story Manhattan brownstone. The home is a collector's cove, a jazz fan's paradise...


April 2003    Hearsay

Chris Lightcap

Chris Lightcap busts a cap in conventions: The bassist includes two tenor saxophonists in the quartet he formed five years ago, featuring them in edgy dialogue on his first album, Lay-Up, and in nervy conversation on the funky follow-up, Bigmouth (both on...


March 2003    At Home

Abbey Lincoln

"The last thing I want to look is sexy, you hear me? I don't want nobody coming for the sex from Abbey," says Abbey Lincoln on a bright, brisk winter day as she repositions pillows for an afternoon photo shoot in her first-floor Manhattan apartment. Sensuality...


January/February 2003    At Home

Andrew Hill

Outside pianist Andrew Hill's four-story house, on a tree-lined street in Jersey City, N.J., you can hear the hum of Manhattan through the Holland Tunnel, the patter of squirrels and, for two or three hours a day, the keyboardist running scales-before and...


December 2002    At Home

James Williams

The Park Slope basketball courts are only blocks from James Williams’ Brooklyn brownstone apartment, and the pianist sure talks a good game. But the Hank Mobley Jazz Festival will start with or without the first-rate pianist and ball-court ringer, and Williams...


11/14/02    Concerts

Ravi and Alice Coltrane Live in New York

John Coltrane's wrenching performances and extended solos have become so glorified in American culture that tributes to him and his music can teeter on obviousness--sometimes cynicism. But when Coltrane's wife Alice and son Ravi got together at Joe's Pub...

11/12/02    News

Crosbyheads Commune at Hofstra

Ba da Bing, ba da. . . Crosby? The crooner has been charming the public with a smooth voice and smoother lyrics since the 1940s, and continues this weekend, 25 years after his death, at an enormous conference at Hofstra University in New York from Nov. 14...


08/19/02    Concerts

Children on the Corner

Fusion became a curse word when Miles Davis recorded Bitches Brew in 1969. The album insulted critics, angered parents and encouraged schoolchildren to try cigarettes and wear headbands--allegedly. Miles offended again in 1972 when he recorded On the Corner...

03/28/02    News

Amherst Hosts Panel on Baraka

Jazz and Massachusetts swap spit again (see Jazz News 3/20/02 and 3/22/02), this time at Amherst College in the form of a debate/panel entitled “Baraka: Examining a Legacy.” On Apr. 7, jazz critic Stanley Crouch will sit down with Harvard University Professor...


October 2001    News

Body and Soul

For many jazz fans, music is good therapy. But for a growing number of health professionals, it’s serious medicine. More than 5,000 music therapists in the United States enter hospitals, hospices and nursing homes to jam with the elderly, sing with the sick...

08/23/01    News

IAJE Presents Woody Herman Tribute

On Oct. 20 in Hollywood, Calif., the International Association of Jazz Educators (IAJE) and the Woody Herman Society present “Autumn Eve,” a concert tribute to bandleader Woody Herman, whose spirited playing swept the swing era with songs like "Four Brothers...

08/20/01    News

Impulse! Celebrates Coltrane's 75th

Impulse! celebrates John Coltrane’s 75th birthday anniversary with the release of a CD series documenting Coltrane’s musical development. Titles include The Very Best of John Coltrane (available now), featuring “Lush Life,” “Crescent” and “My Favorite Things...

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